Changing RADIUS-server access order

The switch tries to access RADIUS servers according to the order in which their IP addresses are listed by the show radius command.

When you add a server IP address, it is placed in the highest empty position in the list.

Adding or deleting a RADIUS server IP address leaves an empty position, but does not change the position of any other server addresses in the list. For example if you initially configure three server addresses, they are listed in the order in which you entered them. However, if you subsequently remove the second server address in the list and add a server address, the new address will be placed second in the list.

Thus, to move up a server address in the list, you must delete it from the list, ensure that the position to which you want to move it is vacant, and then re-enter it. For example, suppose that you have already configured the following three RADIUS server IP addresses in the switch:

Search order for accessing a RADIUS server

To exchange the positions of the addresses so that the server at is the first choice and the server at is the last, perform the following:

  1. Delete from the list. This opens the third (lowest) position in the list.
  2. Delete from the list. This opens the first (highest) position in the list.
  3. Re-enter Because the switch places a newly entered address in the highest-available position, this address becomes first in the list.
  4. Re-enter Because the only position open is the third position, this address becomes last in the list.

Example of new RADIUS server search order