show password-configuration


show password-configuration [manager | operator | [group <group_name>]] <user_name>


The show password-configuration command displays the global password information for all users as well as for a particular user.



Displays the password configuration for the manager user.


Displays the password configuration for the operator user.


Displays the password configuration for the group user.

Example input

switch# show password-configuration manager ABCD

Example output

password settings for the user:
 Aging time:                          10 days
 Minimum password length:             15

Global password control configurations:

 Password control:                    Enabled
 Password history:                    Enabled
 Number of history records:           8

 Password aging:                      Enabled
 Aging time:                          80 days
 Early notice on password expiration: 7 days
 Minimum password update interval:    24 hours
 Expired user login:                  3 login attempts in 30 days
 Password composition:                
          Lower case:                 2 characters 
          Upper case:                 2 characters
          Special character:          2 characters
          Number :                    2 characters 
 Repeat password checking:            Enabled
 Username checking:                   Enabled
 Repeat characters checking:          Enabled