Configure the Password Complexity parameters

You can configure the Password Complexity parameters at any time but they will only take effect if the Password Complexity feature is enabled.


In this example, we enable the aging and history parameters.

switch# password configuration aging
switch# password configuration history

The Password history and Password aging are now enabled.

We then set the aging parameter, aging-period, to 60 days:

switch# password configuration aging-period 60

The show password-configuration displays the configuration changes:

switch# show password-configuration
 Global password control configuration

  Password control                     : Enabled
  Password history                     : Enabled
  Number of history records            : 8
  Password aging                       : Enabled
  Aging time                           : 60 days
  Early notice on password expiration  : 7 days
  Minimum password update interval     : 24 hours
  Expired user login                   : 3 login attempts in 30 days
  Password minimum length              : 8
  User login details checking          : Enabled
  Password composition
           Lower case                  : 2 characters
           Upper case                  : 2 characters
           Special character           : 2 characters
           Number                      : 2 characters
  Repeat password checking             : Disabled
  Username checking                    : Disabled
  Repeat characters checking           : Disabled