user-role vlan-id


vlan-id <VLAN-ID>

no vlan-id <VLAN-ID>


Creates the VLAN within the user-role context.

The no form of this command removes the VLAN from the user-role context.

Command context




Specifies the ID assigned to the VLAN for when the client is authenticated and the user-role applied.


Show the detailed status of the clients port-access.

switch-PoEP# show port-access clients detailed

 Port Access Client Status Detail

  Client Base Details :
   Port            : 1                     Authentication Type : 802.1x
   Client Status   : authenticated         Session Time        : 58081 seconds
   Client name     : emp4                  Session Timeout     : 0 seconds
   MAC Address     : 000ffe-c8ce92
   IP              : n/a

 User Role Information

   Name                              : PUTN-emp
   Type                              : local
   Reauthentication Period (seconds) : 0
   Untagged VLAN                     :
   Tagged VLANs                      : 11
   Captive Portal Profile            :
   Policy                            :
   Tunnelednode Server Redirect      : Enabled
   Secondary Role Name               : authenticated