ip source-interface


ip source-interface {radius|sntp|syslog|tacacs|telnet|tftp|sflow|tunneled-node-server| radsec}
{<IP-ADDR> | vlan <VLAN-ID> | loopback <LOOPBACK-ID>}

no ip source-interface {radius|sntp|syslog|tacacs|telnet|tftp|sflow|tunneled-node-server| radsec}
{<IP-ADDR> | vlan <VLAN-ID> | loopback <LOOPBACK-ID>}


Define source IP address selection policy for the application protocols. The no form of the command is to revert application protocols to its default (original) behavior, when the IP address of the outgoing interface is used as the source.


switch(config)# ip source-interface 
 radius                The RADIUS protocol.
 sntp                  The SNTP protocol.
 syslog                The syslog protocol.
 tacacs                The TACACS+ protocol.
 telnet                The Telnet protocol.
 tftp                  The TFTP protocol.
 sflow                 The sFlow protocol.
 tunneled-node-server  The Tunneled Node Server protocol.
 radsec                The RADIUS protocol using TLS over TCP.
 all                   All protocols above.