logging <IP-ADDR> [UDP 1024-49151 | TCP 1024-49151]
 filter <FILTER-NAME>

no logging <IP-ADDR> [UDP 1024-49151 | TCP 1024-49151]
 filter <FILTER-NAME>


Enables the configuration of a named filter to a specific server. The attributes associated with this defined filter will be applied to the chosen server.

The no form of this command removes the associated filter from the designated server.

Command context




Specifies the IP address for logging into the syslog server.

<UDP 1024-49151 | TCP 1024-49151>

Specifies the configuration of the UDP or TCP transport protocol for the transmission of logging messages to a syslog server.


Specifies the file to be filtered in syslog server.


Logging to syslog server using IP address

switch# logging <IP-ADDR> <UDP 1024-49151 | TCP 1024-49151>
 filter <FILTER-NAME> logging tcp 2500 filter cppm_filter

switch# logging <IP-ADDR> filter <FILTER-NAME>
logging filter cppm_filter