Configuring the promiscuous port

From the config context:


interface PORT-LIST private-vlan promiscuous


Configures the promiscuous port on the private VLAN. The port will act as private VLAN promiscuous port only on primary VLANs where the port is member. That is, a promiscuous port can simultaneously member of a private primary VLAN and a non-PVLAN , in which case, the port will act as promiscuous port on primary VLANs, and as regular member port on non-PVLAN.

By default, all ports are private-vlan promiscuous ports. That is, by default, when user adds an untagged/tagged port to a primary VLAN, the port acts as promiscuous port. To make it as PVLAN member port, unconfigure the port as promiscuous port before adding to the primary VLAN.

Example of adding promiscuous port to a primary VLAN

switch(config)# vlan 10 private-vlan primary
switch(config)# vlan 10 tagged A2