QoS policy context


no SEQ_NUM class ipv4|ipv6|mac CLASS_NAME action dscp|ip_precedence| priority |rate_limit

The QoS policy context is used to associate classes with policy actions. One is placed in this context after creating a QoS policy. Traffic that matches the rules in the class will have the specified QoS action applied. Traffic that matches an ignore statement in the class will not have an action applied. Traffic that does not match any entries will have the default-mac-class action applied. MAC classes cannot be configured in the same policy with IPv4 and IPv6 classes. The default-class is to be used with policies that contain IPv4 and IPv6 classes whereas the default-mac-class is to be used with MAC classes.


Specify an IP DSCP.


Specify the IP precedence.


Specify the priority.


Configure rate limiting for all traffic.


  • <0-63>
  • af11 Match DSCP AF11 (001010)
  • af12 Match DSCP AF12 (001100)
  • af13 Match DSCP AF13 (001110)
  • af21 Match DSCP AF21 (010010)
  • af22 Match DSCP AF22 (010100)
  • af23 Match DSCP AF23 (010110)
  • af31 Match DSCP AF31 (011010)
  • af32 Match DSCP AF32 (011100)
  • af33 Match DSCP AF33 (011110)
  • af41 Match DSCP AF41 (100010)
  • af42 Match DSCP AF42 (100100)
  • af43 Match DSCP AF43 (100110)
  • cs1 Match DSCP CS1 (001000)
  • cs2 Match DSCP CS2 (010000)
  • cs3 Match DSCP CS3 (011000)
  • cs4 Match DSCP CS4 (100000)
  • cs5 Match DSCP CS4 (101000)
  • cs6 Match DSCP CS6 (110000)
  • cs7 Match DSCP CS7 (111000)
  • default Match DSCP default (000000)
  • ef Match DSCP EF (101110)


  • <0-7>
  • routine
  • priority
  • immediate
  • flash
  • flash-override
  • critical
  • internet
  • network


  • <0-7> Enter an integer number.


  • kbps Specify the rate limit in kilobits per second.

Create a QoS policy that rate remarks a packet

(config)# policy qos “qos-policy-1”
(policy-qos)# class mac mac-class-1 action dscp ef

Create a QoS policy that rate limits traffic

(config)# policy qos “qos-policy-1”
(policy-qos)# class mac mac-class-1 action rate-limit kbps 1000

The dscp and ip-precedence actions set the same set of bits in the IP header.