Creating policy

A policy associates a class with an action. The policy is not active until it is applied to an interface. A policy that contains no entries has no effect on the traffic. The available actions of a policy differ depending on the type of policy configured. Mac classes are valid only with QoS and Mirror policies. After creating a policy, the user is placed in that policy's context in order to add, remove, or modify entries in the policy. A policy can contain many entries that provide the same or different actions for a class.


no policy qos|pbr|mirror|zone POLICY-NAME

Create or modify a policy that has mirror actions.


Create or modify a policy that has PBR actions.


Create or modify a policy that has QOS actions.


Enter an ASCII string.

Create a new qos policy

(config)# policy qos “qos-policy-1”

Create a new mirror policy

(config)# policy mirror “mirror-policy-1”