Turning ON FUPs in savepower status with stacking enabled


no savepower flexible-module <SLOT-ID> member <STACK-MEMBER>


Disable save power for FUP in a stack.



    Specify an alphabetic device slot identifier, such as A or B.

  • stack-member

    Specify the stack-member to be configured in the range 1–10.

Example output

switch(config)# no savepower flexible-module B member 2
switch(config)# show modules
  Chassis: 3810M-16SFP+-2-slot  JL075A         Serial Number:   SG5ZGYY143

Slot  Module Description                         Serial Number    Status
  ----- ------------------------------------------ ---------------- ----------
  A     HP JL083A 4SFP+ Module                     SG5ZGZ6184       Up
  B     HP JL083A 4SFP+ Module                     SG5ZGZ6219       Up
  St... HP JL084A 4-port Stacking Module           SG5ZGZ7603       Up