mvrp join-timer


mvrp join-timer <centiseconds>

no mvrp join-timer


Sets the Join Timer for the port. You can use the timer to space MVRP join messages. To ensure that join messages are transmitted to other participants, an MVRP participant waits for a specified time before sending a join message. The Join Timer must be less than half of the Leave Timer. The default value is 20 centiseconds.

Use no mvrp join-timer to set the interval to the default value.



Set the Join Timer for the port.


mvrp join-timer <20-100>

The MVRP Join Timer ranges from 20 –100 in centiseconds.

Example output

switch(eth-1)# mvrp join-timer
<20-100>              Set the join timer for the port.
switch# mvrp join-timer 40
switch# show mvrp config

 Configuration and Status - MVRP

 Global MVRP status : Enabled

 Port     Status   Periodic Registration Join  Leave    LeaveAll Periodic
                   Timer    Type         Time  Timer    Timer    Timer
 -------  -------- -------- ------------ ----  -------- -------- --------
 1        Enabled  Enabled  Normal       40    300      1000     100
 2        Disabled Enabled  Normal       20    300      1000     100
 3        Disabled Enabled  Normal       20    300      1000     100