Enabling MVRP on an interface

By default, MVRP is disabled on all interfaces.


mvrp {enable | disable}

no mvrp


Enables MVRP on an interface. MVRP must be enabled globally and at least on one interface.

Use no mvrp to disable MVRP.



Enable mvrp


Disable mvrp

Example output

switch(config)# mvrp
disable               Disable MVRP.
enable                Enable MVRP.
switch(config)# mvrp enable
switch(config)# interface 1
switch(eth-1)# mvrp enable
switch(eth-1)# show mvrp config

 Configuration and Status - MVRP

 Global MVRP status : Enabled

 Port     Status   Periodic Registration Join  Leave    LeaveAll Periodic
                   Timer    Type         Time  Timer    Timer    Timer
 -------  -------- -------- ------------ ----  -------- -------- --------
 1        Enabled  Enabled  Normal       20    300      1000     100
 2        Disabled Enabled  Normal       20    300      1000     100