Viewing and configuring GVRP (Menu)

  1. From the Main Menu, select: 2. Switch Configuration... 8. VLAN Menu... 1. VLAN Support
    The VLAN Support screen (default configuration)
  2. Do the following to enable GVRP and display the Unknown VLAN fields:
    1. Press E (for Edit).

    2. Use to move the cursor to the GVRP Enabled field.

    3. Press the Space bar to select Yes.

    4. Press again to display the Unknown VLAN fields.

    Default settings for handling advertisements
  3. Use the arrow keys to select the port you want, and the space bar to display the Unknown VLAN option for any ports you want to change.
  4. When you finish making configuration changes, press Enter, then S (for Save) to save your changes to the startup-config file.