VLAN support and the default VLAN

In the factory default configuration, VLAN support is enabled and all ports on the switch belong to the port-based, default VLAN (named DEFAULT_VLAN). This places all ports in the switch into one physical broadcast domain. In the factory-default state, the default VLAN is also the Primary VLAN.
  • You can partition the switch into multiple virtual broadcast domains by configuring one or more additional VLANs and moving ports from the default VLAN to the new VLANs.

  • The switch supports up to 2048 static and dynamic VLANs, with VIDs numbered up to 4094. You can change the name of the default VLAN, but not its VID, which is always 1.

  • You can remove all ports from the default VLAN by placing them in another port-based VLAN, but this VLAN remains and cannot be deleted from the switch.