Spanning tree operation with switch meshing


Switch meshing cannot run concurrently with RPVST+.

Using MSTP with several switches and no switch meshing configured can result in unnecessarily blocking links and reducing available bandwidth. For example:

Using STP without and with switch meshing

Connecting a switch mesh domain to non-meshed devices

If you are going to use spanning tree in a switch mesh, all switches in the mesh should be configured with the same type of spanning tree: 802.1d/STP, 802.1w/RSTP, or 802.1s/MSTP. spanning tree interprets a meshed domain as a single link. However, on edge switches in the domain, MSTP will manage non-meshed redundant links from other devices. For example:


When using MSTP and interconnecting switches covered in this guide in a mesh with switches that are not in the mesh, all the non-mesh switch ports should have the edge-port parameter disabled.