Resetting the configuration name of the MST region in which a switch resides


spanning-tree config-name ascii-string
no spanning-tree config-name ascii-string

Resets the configuration name of the MST region in which the switch resides. This name can include up to 32 nonblank characters and is case-sensitive. On all switches within a given MST region, the configuration names must be identical. For more than one MSTP switch in the same MST region, the identical region name must be configured on all such switches. If the default configuration name is retained on a switch, it cannot exist in the same MST region with another switch.

The default name is a text string using the hexadecimal representation of the switch's MAC address.

The no form of the command overwrites the currently configured name with the default name.


This option is available only when the switch is configured for MSTP operation. There is no defined limit on the number of regions you can configure.