Resequencing match/ignore statements

Use the class command with the resequence option to reconfigure the number at which the first match/ignore statement in the class starts, and reset the interval used to number other match/ignore statements.

Resequencing match/ignore statements is useful when you want to insert a new match/ignore statement between two numbered entries.

Context: Global configuration


class resequence [ipv4 | ipv6] name seq-number interval

Resets the sequence numbers for all match/ignore statements in the class.


Specifies the name of the class that contains the match/ignore statements that you want to resequence.


Specifies the sequence number of the first match/ignore statement in the class. Default: 10.


Specifies the interval between sequence numbers of match/ignore statements in the class to allow additional match/ignore statements to be inserted. Default: 10.

To view the current sequence numbering in a particular class, enter the following command:

show class [ipv4 | ipv6] classname

Resequencing a class configuration

The following example shows how to resequence a class configuration so that you can insert new match/ignore statements between sequentially numbered statements. The resequenced class contains two additional match/ignore statements and renumbers the criteria with an interval of 10.

Resequencing a class configuration