QoS operation

On the switches covered in this guide, QoS operation may be configured through a combination of the following methods:
  • Globally-configured, switch-wide QoS settings

  • Classifier-based per-port and per-VLAN QoS policies.

Classifier-based QoS policies are designed to work with existing globally-configured, switch-wide QoS settings by allowing you to zoom in on a subset of port or VLAN traffic to further manage it. You can use multiple match criteria to more finely select and define the classes of traffic that you want to manage. QoS policy actions determine how you can handle the selected traffic.


While providing greater control for implementing QoS policies, classifier-based QoS policies may override globally-configured QoS settings.

Carefully plan your QoS strategies in advance, identifying the network traffic that you can globally configure and the traffic on which you want to execute customized, classifier-based QoS actions.