Other requirements and restrictions

Mesh support within the domain

All switches in the mesh domain, including edge switches, must support the switch meshing protocol.

Switch hop count in the mesh domain

A maximum of five (meshed) switch hops is allowed in the path connecting two nodes in a switch mesh domain. A path of six meshed hops is unusable. However, this does not interfere with other, shorter paths in the same domain.

Connecting mesh domains

To connect two separate switch meshing domains, you must use non-meshed ports. (The non-meshed link can be a porttrunk or a single link.) See the first figure in Operating rules.

Multiple links between meshed switches

Multiple mesh ports can be connected between the same two switches, to provide higher bandwidth. Each port that you want in the mesh domain should be configured as Mesh (and not as a trunk—Trk). If you configure a port as Mesh, there is no Type selection for that port.

Network monitor port

If a network monitor port is configured, broadcast packets may be duplicated on that port if more than one port is being monitored and switch meshing is enabled.

Rate limiting not recommended on meshed ports

Rate limiting can reduce the efficiency of paths through a mesh domain.

For additional information on troubleshooting meshing problems, see the ArubaOS-Switch Basic Operations Guide for your switch.