No override

By default, the show qos output for following global QoS classifiers may display No-override for QoS marking: IP Diffserv, Layer-3 Protocol, VLAN ID, and Source-port. The command No-override means that the global QoS policy used to mark matching packets does not assign an 802.1p value.
  • IP packets received through a VLAN-tagged port are managed using the 802.1p priority they carry in the 802.1Q field in their headers.

  • VLAN-tagged packets received through an untagged port are handled by the switch with normal priority.

Show QoS command output

The show qos output shows the global QoS configurations on the switch that are configured with the VLAN ID classifier. Note that non-default 802.1p priorities have been configured for VLAN IDs 22 and 33; packets received on VLAN 1 are managed with the default settings, as described in the two bulleted items above.
Viewing show qos output