Enabling and disabling GVRP on the switch



Enables GVRP on the switch.

no gvrp

Disables GVRP on the switch.


GVRP can be enabled only if max vlans is set to no more than 256 VLANs. While GVRP is enabled on the switch, you cannot apply any ACLs to VLANs configured on the same switch. A GVRP link can include intermediate devices that are not GVRP-aware. To understand and use GVRP, you need a working knowledge of 802.1Q VLAN tagging.

GVRP assigns dynamic VLANs as Tagged VLANs. To configure the VLAN as Untagged, you must first convert it to a static VLAN.

A VLAN enabled for jumbo traffic cannot be used to create a dynamic VLAN. A port belonging to a statically configured, jumbo-enabled VLAN cannot join a dynamic VLAN.