Viewing status for a specific port list


show spanning-tree port-list

Displays the spanning tree status for the designated port(s). You can list data for a series of ports and port trunks by specifying the first and last port or trunk of any consecutive series of ports and trunks. For example, to display data for port 20-24 and trk1, you would use this command: show spanning-tree 20-42,trk1

Viewing status for a specific port list

switch# show spanning-tree 22

 Spanning Tree Information

  STP Enabled    [No] : Yes
  Mode                : RPVST
  RPVST Enabled VLANs : 10,20

  Switch MAC Address  : 0024a8-d13a40

  Port                   : 22
  Status                 : Up           Port Type           : 100/1000T
  BPDU Protection        : No           BPDU Filtering      : No
  Root Guard             : No           TCN Guard           : No
  Loop Guard             : No           Admin Edge Port     : No
  Admin PointToPoint MAC : Yes

  VLAN   Port       Port      Port       Designated    Hello Oper  Oper
  ID     Path-Cost  Priority  State      Bridge        Time  Edge  PtP
  ------ ---------- --------- ---------- ------------- ----- ----- ------
  20     20000      128       Forwarding 0024a8-d13a40 2     No    Yes
  25     200000     128       Forwarding 002347-587b80 2     Yes   Yes