Viewing loop protection status in port mode


show loop-protectport-list

Displays the loop protection status for ports. If no ports are specified, the information is displayed only for the ports that have loop protection enabled.

Viewing loop protection information for port mode

switch(config)# show loop-protect 1-2

 Status and Counters - Loop Protection Information

 Transmit Interval (sec)    : 5
 Port Disable Timer (sec)   : 5
 Loop Detected Trap         : Enabled
 Loop Protect Mode          : Port
 Loop Protect Enabled VLANs :

     Loop    Loop     Detected  Loop     Time Since  Rx          Port
Port Protect Detected on VLAN   Count    Last Loop   Action      Status
---- ------- -------- --------- -------- ----------- ----------  ---------
1    Yes     Yes        NA      1        5s         send-disable Down
2    Yes     No         NA      0                   send-disable Up