Viewing a switch VLAN configuration

The following show commands are a subset of those listed in the chapter on Static Virtual LANs (VLANs) highlighting the changes made to show the additional QinQ VLAN types (C-VLANs and S-VLANs).

The show vlans command lists the VLANs currently running in the switch, including the VID, VLAN name, and VLAN status. Once QinQ is enabled in mixed VLAN mode, an additional field showing the VLAN type is added to the display output.


show vlans

Changes to parameters when QinQ is enabled:


Field name changes from 802.1Q VLAN ID to VLAN ID only.


In a QinQ mixed mode environment, the VLAN type can be either a regular customer VLAN CVLAN, or it can be a tunnel VLAN in the provider network S-VLAN.

Viewing show vlans command output with QinQ disabled