Default priority settings for selected codepoints

In a few cases, such as 001010 and 001100, a default DSCP policy (implied by the DSCP standards for Assured-Forwarding and Expedited-Forwarding) is used. You can change the priorities for the default policies by using the qos dscp-map codepointpriority 0 - 7 command.

The currently configured DSCP policies (codepoint and associated 802.1p priority) are not enabled until you configure a global or classifier-based QoS policy to mark matching packets or configure a global IP-Diffserv classifier.

The following table displays the switch's default codepoint-priority assignments. If you change the priority of any codepoint to a nondefault value and then enter the write memory command, the switch will list the nondefault setting in the show config display.

The default configuration has the following DSCP-priority settings:


Default Priority







If you reconfigure these three codepoints to a priority of 3 and then enter the write memory command, the switch displays the changes in the show config listing:
Viewing nondefault priority settings in the DSCP table