Configuring switch meshing (Menu)

  1. From the Main Menu, select: 2. Switch Configuration 2. Port/Trunk Settings
  2. Press E (for Edit) to access the load balancing parameters.
    Configuring ports for meshing (menu)
  3. In the Group column, move the cursor to the port you want to assign to the switch mesh.
  4. Press M to choose Mesh for the selected port.
  5. Use the up-arrow or down-arrow key to select the next port you want to include in your mesh domain, then press M again. For example, if you were adding ports A1 and A2 to your mesh domain, the screen would appear similar to the screen shown below:
    Mesh group assignments for several ports
  6. Repeat the above step for all ports you want in the mesh domain.

    As meshed ports do not accept a Type setting, leave the Type setting blank.

    All meshed ports in the switch automatically belong to the same mesh domain.

  7. When you finish assigning ports to the switch mesh, press Enter, then S (for Save). You will then see the following screen.
    After saving a mesh configuration change, rebooting the switch
  8. Press 0 to return to the Main menu.
  9. To activate the mesh assignments from the Main menu, reboot the switch by pressing the following keys:
    1. 6 (for Reboot Switch)

    2. Space bar (to select Yes).

    3. 13 (to start the reboot process).

The switch cannot dynamically reconfigure ports to enable or disable meshing, so it is always necessary to reboot the switch after adding or deleting a port in the switch mesh.