Configuring port-types

When QinQ is enabled on the switch all S-VLAN member ports must be categorized as either port-type customer-network or provider-network (See an example below).
Customer or provider ports in the provider network

All ports of a QinQ-enabled device default to provider-network. Any ports participating in the provider bridge used to connect to customer equipment must be manually configured as port-type customer-network. In a mixed mode device, ports that are members of C-VLANs and that do not participate in the provider-bridge cannot be configured to any port-type.

The following command allows you to configure the appropriate port-type.


no interface {[port-list] | Trkx} qinq port-type {customer-network | provider-network}

Configures the specified ports/trunks as a customer network port or provider network port.

Default: port-type provider (for QinQ S-VLAN mode)