Configuring a VLAN MAC address with heartbeat interval

When installing routing switches in the place of existing routers in a network configuration, you can achieve Layer 3 VLAN migration by using the ip-recv-mac-address command at the VLAN configuration level to:
  • Configure the MAC address of the previously installed router on each VLAN interface of a routing switch.

  • Optionally configure the time interval to use for sending heartbeat packets with the configured MAC address.


ip-recv-mac-address <mac-address> [ interval <seconds> ]
no ip-recv-mac-address <mac-address> [ interval <seconds> ]

Configures a VLAN interface with the specified MAC address. Enter the no version of the command to remove the configured MAC address and return to the original MAC address of the switch.

interval seconds

(Optional) Configures the time interval in seconds used between transmissions of heartbeat packets to all network devices configured on the VLAN. Valid values are from one to 255 seconds.

Default: 60 seconds.