Assigning the primary VLAN


primary-vlan <vid> | <ascii-name-string>

In the default VLAN configuration, the port-based default VLAN (DEFAULT_VLAN) is the Primary VLAN. This command allows reassignment of the Primary VLAN function to an existing, port-based, static VLAN.

The switch will not reassign the Primary VLAN function to a protocol VLAN.


If you reassign the Primary VLAN to a nondefault VLAN, you cannot later delete that VLAN from the switch until you assign the Primary VLAN to another port-based, static VLAN.

To identify the current Primary VLAN and list the available VLANs and their respective VIDs, use show vlans.

Re-assigning, renaming and Viewing the VLAN command sequence

Shows how to re-assign the Primary VLAN to VLAN 22 (first command line), rename the VLAN 22-Primary (second command line) and then display the result (third command line):
switch(config)# primary-vlan 22
switch(config)# vlan 22 name 22-Primary
switch(config)# show vlans

Status and Counters - VLAN Information
Maximum VLANs to support : 16
Primary VLAN : 22-Primary
Management VLAN :

VLAN ID Name                 Status       Voice Jumbo
------- -------------------- ------------ ----- -----
1       DEFAULT_VLAN         Static       No    No
22      22-Primary           Static       No    No