About GVRP

GVRP (GARP VLAN Registration Protocol) is an application of GARP (Generic Attribute Registration Protocol.) It enables a switch to dynamically create 802.1Q-compliant VLANs on links with other devices running GVRP, and automatically create VLAN links between GVRP-aware devices. (A GVRP link can include intermediate devices that are not GVRP-aware.) This operation reduces the chances for errors in VLAN configuration by automatically providing VID (VLAN ID) consistency across the network. After the switch creates a dynamic VLAN, the CLI static vlan-id command can be used to convert it to a static VLAN if desired. Also GVRP can be used to dynamically enable port membership in static VLANs configured on a switch.

GVRP uses GVRP BPDUs (GVRP Bridge Protocol Data Units) to advertise static VLANs, and in this guide a GVRP BPDU is termed an advertisement. On a switch, advertisements are sent outbound from ports to the devices directly connected to those ports.