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OFFLINE Firmware image (.iso) for HP Emulex Converged Network Adapters and Network Adapters

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Type: Firmware - Network
Version: 10.2.477.23 Legacy Boot(2 Apr 2015)
Operating System(s):
OS Independent
File name: Legacy_OneConnect-Flash-10.2.477.23.iso (51 MB)
ISO Firmware image for offline update of NC550m,NC550SFP,NC551i, NC551m,NC552m,NC552SFP,NC553i,NC553m,552M,554M,554FLB,554FLR-SFP+,556FLR-SFP+,650FLB,650M and CN1000E,CN1100E,CN1200E adapters, NICs and server LOMS. UEFI boot version only supported with 556FLR-SFP+, 650FLB,650M and CN1200e.

Using the ISO image to update firmware


If your firmware is more than one revision back, you may find it more convenient to load the latest version using the offline method described below.

This allows you to jump from any older version to the latest without encountering any compatibility issues in the firmware update process.



Step 1: Burn a cd/dvd using the file


Step 2: Configure your host server to boot from the CD/DVD.


Step 3: Boot server using the cd/dvd containing the ISO image labeled,



Step 4: Enter "y" when prompted with "Do you want to continue (y/n)?"


Step 5: Once the flash image is updated, you will see "Percent Complete 100%" followed by the "#" prompt.

Step 6: Type "reboot"


Step 7: Remove CD or DVD from the player


Step 8: Once the host reboots, install the appropriate driver kit


Please note that if you use this method of updating firmware, you'll need to power cycle the CNA/LOM in order to get the LEDs to function properly afterwards.






Untitled Document

OneConnect UCNA Firmware Release Notes for HP, February 2015

BE2 Firmware Version 4.9.416.2

BE2-based Models:
NC551l BL465C-G7
NC551l BL685C-G7

BE3 Firmware Version 10.2.477.10

BE3-based Models:
NC553l BL460c G7
NC553l BL490c G7
NC553l BL620c G7
NC553l BL680c G7

OCe14000 Based Firmware Version 10.2.477.23

OCe14000-based Models:

Purpose and Contact Information

These release notes describe the content, resolved known issues, and
current known issues associated with this OneConnectâ„¢ Universal
Converged Network Adapter (UCNA) firmware/boot code release.




BE2 Adapters

BE3 Adapters


Known Issues

1. Firmware 4.2.401.6 is not compatible with Rhel 6.2x64 Inbox NIC driver
(version In order to upgrade to Firmware 4.2.401.6, you must first
upgrade to Rhel 6.2x64 driver version 4.2.392.1 or later.

Symptom seen with inbox driver: “TX hang in standard error as well as