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HPE MSA 1050 Storage - Installing the Enclosures

Connecting controller and drive enclosures

MSA 1050 controller enclosures support up to four enclosures (Including the controller enclosure). Drive enclosures can be cabled of the same type or of mixed LFF/SFF model type.

The firmware supports both Straight-Through and Fault-Tolerant SAS cabling. Fault-Tolerant cabling allows any drive enclosure to fail or be removed, while maintaining access to other enclosures. Straight-Through cabling does not provide the same level of Fault-Tolerant as fault-tolerant cabling, but does provide some performance benefits as well as ensuring that all disks are visible to the array. Fault tolerance and performance requirements determine whether to optimize the configuration for high availability or high performance when cabling. MSA 1050 controller enclosures support 12 Gb/s disk drives downshifted to 6 Gb/s. Each enclosure has an expansion port using 6 Gb/s SAS lanes. When connecting multiple drive enclosures, use Fault-Tolerant cabling to ensure the highest level of Fault-Tolerant.

Connecting the MSA 1050 controller to the LFF or SFF drive enclosure

The MSA 2050 LFF Disk Enclosure and the MSA 2050 SFF Disk Enclosure can be attached to an MSA 1050 controller enclosure using supported Mini-SAS to Mini-SAS cables of 0.5 m (1.64 in) to 2 m (6.56 in) length. Each drive enclosure provides two 0.5 m (1.64 in) Mini-SAS to Mini-SAS cables. Longer cables may be desired or required, and can be purchased separately.

Cable requirements for MSA 1050 enclosures

  • When installing SAS cables to expansion modules, use only supported mini-SAS x4 cables with SFF-8088 connectors supporting 6Gb application.
  • Click here to view QuickSpecs for information about which cables are provided with MSA 1050 products .

  • The maximum expansion cable length allowed in any configuration is 2 m (6.56 in).
  • When adding more than two drive enclosures, user may need to purchase additional 1 m or 2 m cables, depending upon number of enclosures and cabling method used .
    • Spanning 3 or 4 drive enclosures requires 1 m (3.28 in) cables.
  • Click here to view information about cables supported for host connection:
    • Qualified fibre channel cable options
    • Qualified 10 GbE iSCSI cable options or qualified 10 GbE Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cables
    • Qualified 1Gb RJ-45 cable options
    • Qualified HD mini-SAS standard cable and fan-out cable options supporting SFF-8644 and SFF-8088 host connection
      • SFF-8644 to SFF-8644 cable option is used for connecting to a 12 Gb/s enabled host.
      • SFF-8644 to SFF-8088 cable option is used for connecting to a 6 Gb/s enabled host/switch.
      • A bifurcated SFF-8644 to SFF-8644 fan-out cable option is used for connecting to a 12 Gb/s enabled host.
      • A bifurcated SFF-8644 to SFF-8088 fan-out cable option is used for connecting to a 6 Gb/s enabled host/switch.
  • Using fan-out cables instead of standard cables will double the number of hosts that can be attached to a single system. Use of fan-out cables will halve the maximum bandwidth available to each host, but overall bandwidth available to all hosts is unchanged.

For additional information concerning cabling of MSA 1050 controllers, visit below documents:

Click here to view quickspecs

Click here to view MSA1050 best practices

Browse for the following reference documents:

  • For clarity, the schematic illustrations of controller and expansion modules shown in this section provide only relevant details such as expansion ports within the module face plate outline. For detailed illustrations showing all components.
  • MSA 1050 controller enclosures support dual-controller only. If a partner controller fails, the array will fail over and run on a single controller until the redundancy is restored. A controller module must be installed in each IOM slot to ensure sufficient airflow through the enclosure during operation.

Figure 1: Cabling connections between the MSA 1050 controller and a single drive enclosure

LFF 12-1 drive or SFF 24-drive enclosure
LFF 12-drive or SFF 24-drive enclosure

The diagram at left (Above) shows Fault-Tolerant cabling of a Dual-Controller enclosure cabled to either the MSA 2050 LFF Disk Enclosure or the MSA 2050 SFF disk enclosure featuring dual-expansion modules. Controller module 1A is connected to expansion module 2A, with a chain of connections cascading down (Blue). Controller module 1B is connected to the lower expansion module (4B), of the last drive enclosure, with connections moving in the opposite direction (Green). Fault-Tolerant cabling allows any drive enclosure to fail or be removed, while maintaining access to other enclosures.

The diagram at right (Above) shows the same storage components connected using Straight-Through cabling. Using this method, if a drive enclosures fails, the enclosures that follow the failed enclosure in the chain are no longer accessible until the failed enclosure is repaired or replaced.


Testing enclosure connections

NOTE: Once the power-on sequence for enclosures succeeds, the storage system is ready to be connected to hosts.


Powering on/powering off

Before powering on the enclosure for the first time:

  • Install all disk drives in the enclosure so the controller can identify and configure them at power-up.

  • Connect the cables and power cords to the enclosures as explained in the quick start instructions.

    • Power supplies used in MSA 1050 enclosures.
    • The MSA 1050 controller enclosures and drive enclosures are equipped with AC power supplies that do not have power switches (They are switchless). They power on when connected to a power source, and they power off when disconnected.
  • When powering up, make sure to power up the enclosures and associated host in the following order:

    • Drive enclosures first

      • This ensures that disks in each drive enclosure have enough time to completely spin up before being scanned by the controller modules within the controller enclosure.

      • While enclosures power up, their LEDs blink. After the LEDs stop blinking - If no LEDs on the front and back of the enclosure are amber - The power-on sequence is complete, and no faults have been detected.

      • Controller enclosure next

        Depending upon the number and type of disks in the system, it may take several minutes for the system to become ready.

      • Hosts last (If powered down for maintenance purposes)

    • When powering off, user will reverse the order of steps used for powering on.

Click here to view Powering on/powering off page for HPE MSA 1050 Storage .


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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