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HPE MSA 2050 SAN Storage - Installing an SFP Transceiver

Install an SFP transceiver

Figure 1: Install a qualified SFP option

For each target MSA 2050 SAN host port, perform the following procedure to install an SFP.

  1. Orient the SFP, as shown in above figure and align it for insertion into the target host port.The SFP should be positioned such that the actuator pivot-hinge is on top.

  2. If the SFP has a plug, remove it before installing the transceiver. Retain the plug.

  3. Flip the actuator.The actuator on SFP option may look slightly different, and it may not open to a sweepgreater than 90° (as shown in the figure).

  4. Slide the SFP into the target host port until it locks into place.

  5. Flip the actuator down, as indicated by the down-arrow next to the open actuator in the figure.The installed SFP should look similar to the position shown in the right detail view.

  6. When ready to attach to the host, obtain and connect a qualified cable option to the duplex jack at the end of the SFPconnector.

Verify component operation

View the host port Link Status/Link Activity LED on the controller module face plate. A green LED indicates that the portis connected and the link.

Click here to view LED indicators page for more information .


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