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HP Tape Backup - Problems with Tapeware One Button Disaster Recovery in Windows 2000


The first troubleshooting step to try with problems that are related to software and operating systems is to ensure that you are utilizing the latest patches or service packs. Tapeware, especially, has service packs that are released on a regular basis to address issues and to enhance performance.

Click here to download the latest service pack for Tapeware Non-HPE site .

NOTE: Please be aware that the service packs for the earlier 6.2 version product are different from those of version 6.3.

Service packs and patches for your operating system will be available directly from the manufacturer.

If none of these solutions solve your problem then it may be worth searching for other support documents or contacting the HP Customer Call Center.

Click here for a list of HP Customer Call Centers .


Tapeware will not enable the Disaster Recovery option

Tapeware cannot perform the one button disaster recovery (OBDR) or the OBDR option is disabled.

This may be due to the Microsoft Hotfix Q260241: Registry Quota Leak in Windows 2000. The 4b and 4c service packs (and onwards) of Tapeware version 6.2 and version 6.3 will actively look to see whether the hotfix or Windows 2000 service release 2 has been installed. If neither is detected then the One Button Disaster Recovery will be disabled

This can be resolved by either obtaining the hotfix from the Microsoft support Web site at Enter the Hotfix number as the search criteria. This can also be resolved by installing the Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Release 2 (SP2) also available directly from Microsoft.

If the Microsoft Windows 2000 service pack 1 has not been installed, simply install the Hotfix. If the Microsoft Windows 2000 service pack 1 has been installed, uninstall it, apply the Hotfix, and then reinstall service pack 1.

Service Release 2 for Windows 2000 is available to download from the Microsoft Web site and Microsoft recommends that if you have not installed Windows 2000 Service Release 1, then you only need to install Windows 2000 Service Release 2 to get all of the Windows 2000 updates. In addition, if you have already installed Windows 2000 Service Release 1, Microsoft recommends that you install Windows 2000 Service Release 2 without uninstalling Windows 2000 SP1.


Problems with the Removable Storage Manager (RSM)

A number of different errors may indicate RSM issues:

  • Unable to register COM class objects

  • The TapeWare service hung on starting

  • RSM unable to manage library Tape0

  • Tapeware takes a long time to start

In all cases the issue is the same, the Removable Storage Manager (RSM) within Windows 2000 needs to be "disabled" or changed to "manual" as it may interfere with the running of Tapeware by taking control of the backup devices.

How to disable the RSM:

  1. Click Start, choose Settings, and click Control Panel

  2. Click Administrative Tools

  3. Click Services

  4. Scroll down to, and right-click Removable Storage , select Properties

  5. In Properties, change to Manual or Disabled


Possible device driver conflicts

Tapeware provides its own set of drivers, however in Microsoft Windows 2000 there is no way to remove the native tape device drivers and the device must be disabled instead.

  1. Click Start, choose Settings, and click Control Panel.

  2. Select System

  3. Select Hardware tab

  4. Select Device Manager

  5. Select the Tape device

  6. Select Do not use this device (disable) from the device usage menu.


Dynamic Disks or Error 1523

Earlier versions of Tapeware will not perform One Button Disaster Recovery with Dynamic disks. This is often characterized by error 1523.


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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