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MPE/iX - License Transfer [HPSUSAN]

Title: MPE/iX - License Transfer [HPSUSAN]
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SYMPTOM:Customer wants to transfer e3000 to Emulator.  What is the process?
FIX:MPE licensing on Emulator:    

1) Each virtual machine needs to have its own MPE license      

2) License can be transferred, at a fee, from an e3000 to a virtual machine which supports the original e3000 server model.    
Go to HP Software License Transfer [SLT] page -
Note: For MPE/iX, the only way to use the software on an emulator would be to execute an SLT as instructed. 

3) When the license is transferred, all HP software is allow to run with the same HPSUSAN number as the original e3000.  It is the customer responsibility to ensure that their third parties application vendors* allows the same.  
*Note: 3rd party vendors may create their license based on HPSUSAN and HPCPUNAME.      

4) Once the MPE/iX license is transferred to a virtual machine, the original (physical) e3000 system is fully de-licensed.    

Is my HPSUSAN numbers considered de-licensed even if I use them on the Emulator?    
ANSWER: The HPSUSAN number is different from the MPE/ix license although there is a relation between the two.  The ability to use MPE/ix on the Emulator is a result of completing a Software License Transfer, the original MPE/ix license on the e3000 would no longer exist.  See point #3 and #4 above.Are there forms I need to fill out per emulated system?  
ANSWER:  Yes – A SLT request form would be filled out per system and submitted to HP SLT   (1 for each e3000/MPE/ix moving to an Emulator) get forms from SLT site. see point #2 above Do I need to give HP a fee per system to transfer the license to the new Emulated systems?  
ANSWER:  Yes – The SLT team charges a fee for license Transfers.  Transfer Fees are documented on the SLT page, See point #2 above.        

I need to have the emulator running to transfer everything from the existing HP3000's. Can I continue to use the HP3000 and emulator with the same HPSUSAN during the migration/transfer file period? Answer:  Yes you can continue to use the hp3000 for migration. 


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