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HPSBHF03646 rev.1 - HPE Comware 7 (CW7) Network Products running NTP, Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities


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HPSBHF03646 rev.1 - HPE Comware 7 (CW7) Network Products running NTP, Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities
NOTICE: The information in this Security Bulletin should be acted upon as soon as possible.

Release Date: 2016-09-21

Last Updated: 2016-09-21

Potential Security Impact: Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HPE Product Security Response Team


Potential security vulnerabilities in NTP have been addressed with HPE Comware 7 (CW7) network products. The vulnerabilities could be exploited remotely resulting in Denial of Service (DoS) or other impacts affecting integrity.

  • CVE-2015-7704
  • CVE-2015-7705
  • CVE-2015-7855
  • CVE-2015-7871
  • PSRT110228
  • SSRT102943

SUPPORTED SOFTWARE VERSIONS*: ONLY impacted versions are listed.

Comware 7 (CW7) Products - Please refer to the RESOLUTION below for a list of impacted products. All product versions are impacted prior to the fixed versions listed.


CVSS Version 3.0 and Version 2.0 Base Metrics
V3 Vector
V3 Base Score
V2 Vector
V2 Base Score
Information on CVSS is documented in HPE Customer Notice: HPSN-2008-002


HPE has released the following software updates to resolve the vulnerabilities in HPE Comware 7 network products.

COMWARE 7 Products

  • 12500 (Comware 7) - Version: R7377
    • HP Network Products
      • JC072B HP 12500 Main Processing Unit
      • JC085A HP A12518 Switch Chassis
      • JC086A HP A12508 Switch Chassis
      • JC652A HP 12508 DC Switch Chassis
      • JC653A HP 12518 DC Switch Chassis
      • JC654A HP 12504 AC Switch Chassis
      • JC655A HP 12504 DC Switch Chassis
      • JF430A HP A12518 Switch Chassis
      • JF430B HP 12518 Switch Chassis
      • JF430C HP 12518 AC Switch Chassis
      • JF431A HP A12508 Switch Chassis
      • JF431B HP 12508 Switch Chassis
      • JF431C HP 12508 AC Switch Chassis
      • JG497A HP 12500 MPU w/Comware V7 OS
      • JG782A HP FF 12508E AC Switch Chassis
      • JG783A HP FF 12508E DC Switch Chassis
      • JG784A HP FF 12518E AC Switch Chassis
      • JG785A HP FF 12518E DC Switch Chassis
      • JG802A HP FF 12500E MPU
  • 10500 (Comware 7) - Version: R7178
    • HP Network Products
      • JC611A HP 10508-V Switch Chassis
      • JC612A HP 10508 Switch Chassis
      • JC613A HP 10504 Switch Chassis
      • JC748A HP 10512 Switch Chassis
      • JG608A HP FlexFabric 11908-V Switch Chassis
      • JG609A HP FlexFabric 11900 Main Processing Unit
      • JG820A HP 10504 TAA Switch Chassis
      • JG821A HP 10508 TAA Switch Chassis
      • JG822A HP 10508-V TAA Switch Chassis
      • JG823A HP 10512 TAA Switch Chassis
      • JG496A HP 10500 Type A MPU w/Comware v7 OS
      • JH198A HP 10500 Type D Main Processing Unit with Comware v7 Operating System
      • JH206A HP 10500 Type D TAA-compliant with Comware v7 Operating System Main Processing Unit
  • 12900 (Comware 7) - Version: R1138P03
    • HP Network Products
      • JG619A HP FlexFabric 12910 Switch AC Chassis
      • JG621A HP FlexFabric 12910 Main Processing Unit
      • JG632A HP FlexFabric 12916 Switch AC Chassis
      • JG634A HP FlexFabric 12916 Main Processing Unit
      • JH104A HP FlexFabric 12900E Main Processing Unit
      • JH114A HP FlexFabric 12910 TAA-compliant Main Processing Unit
      • JH263A HP FlexFabric 12904E Main Processing Unit
      • JH255A HP FlexFabric 12908E Switch Chassis
      • JH262A HP FlexFabric 12904E Switch Chassis
      • JH113A HP FlexFabric 12910 TAA-compliant Switch AC Chassis
      • JH103A HP FlexFabric 12916E Switch Chassis
  • 5900 (Comware 7) - Version: R2422P02
    • HP Network Products
      • JC772A HP 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP+ Switch
      • JG296A HP 5920AF-24XG Switch
      • JG336A HP 5900AF-48XGT-4QSFP+ Switch
      • JG510A HP 5900AF-48G-4XG-2QSFP+ Switch
      • JG554A HP 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP+ TAA Switch
      • JG555A HP 5920AF-24XG TAA Switch
      • JG838A HP FF 5900CP-48XG-4QSFP+ Switch
      • JH036A HP FlexFabric 5900CP 48XG 4QSFP+ TAA-Compliant
      • JH037A HP 5900AF 48XGT 4QSFP+ TAA-Compliant Switch
      • JH038A HP 5900AF 48G 4XG 2QSFP+ TAA-Compliant
  • MSR1000 (Comware 7) - Version: R0305P08
    • HP Network Products
      • JG875A HP MSR1002-4 AC Router
      • JH060A HP MSR1003-8S AC Router
  • MSR2000 (Comware 7) - Version: R0305P08
    • HP Network Products
      • JG411A HP MSR2003 AC Router
      • JG734A HP MSR2004-24 AC Router
      • JG735A HP MSR2004-48 Router
      • JG866A HP MSR2003 TAA-compliant AC Router
  • MSR3000 (Comware 7) - Version: R0305P08
    • HP Network Products
      • JG404A HP MSR3064 Router
      • JG405A HP MSR3044 Router
      • JG406A HP MSR3024 AC Router
      • JG407A HP MSR3024 DC Router
      • JG408A HP MSR3024 PoE Router
      • JG409A HP MSR3012 AC Router
      • JG410A HP MSR3012 DC Router
      • JG861A HP MSR3024 TAA-compliant AC Router
  • MSR4000 (Comware 7) - Version: R0305P08
    • HP Network Products
      • JG402A HP MSR4080 Router Chassis
      • JG403A HP MSR4060 Router Chassis
      • JG412A HP MSR4000 MPU-100 Main Processing Unit
      • JG869A HP MSR4000 TAA-compliant MPU-100 Main Processing Unit
  • VSR (Comware 7) - Version: E0322
    • HP Network Products
      • JG810AAE HP VSR1001 Virtual Services Router 60 Day Evaluation Software
      • JG811AAE HP VSR1001 Comware 7 Virtual Services Router
      • JG812AAE HP VSR1004 Comware 7 Virtual Services Router
      • JG813AAE HP VSR1008 Comware 7 Virtual Services Router
  • 7900 (Comware 7) - Version: R2138P03
    • HP Network Products
      • JG682A HP FlexFabric 7904 Switch Chassis
      • JG841A HP FlexFabric 7910 Switch Chassis
      • JG842A HP FlexFabric 7910 7.2Tbps Fabric / Main Processing Unit
      • JH001A HP FlexFabric 7910 2.4Tbps Fabric / Main Processing Unit
      • JH122A HP FlexFabric 7904 TAA-compliant Switch Chassis
      • JH123A HP FlexFabric 7910 TAA-compliant Switch Chassis
      • JH124A HP FlexFabric 7910 7.2Tbps TAA-compliant Fabric/Main Processing Unit
      • JH125A HP FlexFabric 7910 2.4Tbps TAA-compliant Fabric/Main Processing Unit
  • 5130 (Comware 7) - Version: R3111P03
    • HP Network Products
      • JG932A HP 5130-24G-4SFP+ EI Switch
      • JG933A HP 5130-24G-SFP-4SFP+ EI Switch
      • JG934A HP 5130-48G-4SFP+ EI Switch
      • JG936A HP 5130-24G-PoE+-4SFP+ (370W) EI Switch
      • JG937A HP 5130-48G-PoE+-4SFP+ (370W) EI Switch
      • JG938A HP 5130-24G-2SFP+-2XGT EI Switch
      • JG939A HP 5130-48G-2SFP+-2XGT EI Switch
      • JG940A HP 5130-24G-PoE+-2SFP+-2XGT (370W) EI Switch
      • JG941A HP 5130-48G-PoE+-2SFP+-2XGT (370W) EI Switch
      • JG975A HP 5130-24G-4SFP+ EI Brazil Switch
      • JG976A HP 5130-48G-4SFP+ EI Brazil Switch
      • JG977A HP 5130-24G-PoE+-4SFP+ (370W) EI Brazil Switch
      • JG978A HP 5130-48G-PoE+-4SFP+ (370W) EI Brazil Switch
  • 5700 (Comware 7) - Version: R2422P02
    • HP Network Products
      • JG894A HP FlexFabric 5700-48G-4XG-2QSFP+ Switch
      • JG895A HP FlexFabric 5700-48G-4XG-2QSFP+ TAA-compliant Switch
      • JG896A HP FlexFabric 5700-40XG-2QSFP+ Switch
      • JG897A HP FlexFabric 5700-40XG-2QSFP+ TAA-compliant Switch
      • JG898A HP FlexFabric 5700-32XGT-8XG-2QSFP+ Switch
      • JG899A HP FlexFabric 5700-32XGT-8XG-2QSFP+ TAA-compliant Switch
  • 5930 (Comware 7) - Version: R2422P02
    • HP Network Products
      • JG726A HP FlexFabric 5930 32QSFP+ Switch
      • JG727A HP FlexFabric 5930 32QSFP+ TAA-compliant Switch
      • JH178A HP FlexFabric 5930 2QSFP+ 2-slot Switch
      • JH179A HP FlexFabric 5930 4-slot Switch
      • JH187A HP FlexFabric 5930 2QSFP+ 2-slot TAA-compliant Switch
      • JH188A HP FlexFabric 5930 4-slot TAA-compliant Switch
  • HSR6600 (Comware 7) - Version: R7103P07
    • HP Network Products
      • JG353A HP HSR6602-G Router
      • JG354A HP HSR6602-XG Router
      • JG776A HP HSR6602-G TAA-compliant Router
      • JG777A HP HSR6602-XG TAA-compliant Router
  • HSR6800 (Comware 7) - Version: R7103P07
    • HP Network Products
      • JG361A HP HSR6802 Router Chassis
      • JG361B HP HSR6802 Router Chassis
      • JG362A HP HSR6804 Router Chassis
      • JG362B HP HSR6804 Router Chassis
      • JG363A HP HSR6808 Router Chassis
      • JG363B HP HSR6808 Router Chassis
      • JG364A HP HSR6800 RSE-X2 Router Main Processing Unit
      • JG779A HP HSR6800 RSE-X2 Router TAA-compliant Main Processing
      • JH075A HP HSR6800 RSE-X3 Router Main Processing Unit
  • 1950 (Comware 7) - Version: R3111P03
    • HP Network Products
      • JG960A HP 1950-24G-4XG Switch
      • JG961A HP 1950-48G-2SFP+-2XGT Switch
      • JG962A HP 1950-24G-2SFP+-2XGT-PoE+(370W) Switch
      • JG963A HP 1950-48G-2SFP+-2XGT-PoE+(370W) Switch
  • 7500 (Comware 7) - Version: R7178
    • HP Network Products
      • JD238C HP 7510 Switch Chassis
      • JD239C HP 7506 Switch Chassis
      • JD240C HP 7503 Switch Chassis
      • JD242C HP 7502 Switch Chassis
      • JH207A HP 7500 1.2Tbps Fabric with 2-port 40GbE QSFP+ for IRF-Only Main Processing Unit
      • JH208A HP 7502 Main Processing Unit
      • JH209A HP 7500 2.4Tbps Fabric with 8-port 1/10GbE SFP+ and 2-port 40GbE QSFP+ Main Processing Unit
  • 5130HI - Version: R1118P02
    • HP Network Products
      • JH323A HPE 5130 24G 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Switch
      • JH324A HPE 5130 48G 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Switch
      • JH325A HPE 5130 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Switch
      • JH326A HPE 5130 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Switch
  • 5510HI - Version: R1118P02
    • HP Network Products
      • JH145A HPE 5510 24G 4SFP+ HI 1-slot Switch
      • JH146A HPE 5510 48G 4SFP+ HI 1-slot Switch
      • JH147A HPE 5510 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ HI 1-slot Switch
      • JH148A HPE 5510 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ HI 1-slot Switch
      • JH149A HPE 5510 24G SFP 4SFP+ HI 1-slot Switch

Note: Please contact HPE Technical Support if any assistance is needed acquiring the software updates.

Version:1 (rev.1) - 21 September 2016 Initial release

Third Party Security Patches: Third party security patches that are to be installed on systems running Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) software products should be applied in accordance with the customer's patch management policy.

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