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HPE Recovery Manager Central Software - Overview

Product description

HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software facilitates Policy-Driven, converged data protection and copy data management for users business critical applications at speeds required for All-Flash storage. RMC integrates HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble All-Flash arrays with HPE StoreOnce Systems, leveraging snapshot performance with Storage-Integrated backups to deliver flash speed application protection and copy data management with less cost and complexity than legacy solutions. RMC is also built for cloud, allowing user to leverage public cloud for Cost-Effective long term retention of users backups.


What's new in RMC 6.1.0

RMC 6.1.0 introduces Peer Copy functionality to facilitate asynchronous bi-directional periodic data replication between homogenous or heterogeneous combinations of one or more HPE 3PAR Storage and HPE Nimble Storage systems allowing for one to many, many to one, and multi-hop topologies, all managed from within the RMC GUI. No separate licenses are required to use Peer Copy functionality and is part of all-inclusive licensing scheme for HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage systems.


Product features

Key features
  • Centralized policy engine to automate copy data management and data protection, aligned with Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements and business objectives.

  • Create and automate Application-Consistent snapshots as primary line of defense against data loss or corruption risks. Supports multiple applications including VMware vSphere, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft exchange, Oracle and SAP HANA databases. Integration with any other application can be scripted using RMC Representational State Transfer Application Program Interface (REST APIs).

  • Fast and simple, Application-Integrated, Snapshot-Based backups from primary storage to protection storage for additional airgapped protection against threats such as Ransomware.

  • RMC express protect backups are up to 23x faster than traditional ISV-Based backups. Data is moved directly from primary storage to protection storage without any intermediate server bottlenecks.

  • Express restore ensures only minimum changed blocks are read back from protection storage to deliver up to 15x faster restores than traditional Independent Software Vendo (ISV)-Based backups.

  • Rapid recovery from any of the Point-in-Time copies: Application-Consistent snapshots, backups or copies on public cloud.

  • Create Space-Efficient virtual clones from any of the Point-in-Time copies to be used for secondary use cases such as test/dev, analytics, reporting.

  • Detailed reporting, audit logging, and E-Mail notifications.

  • Simple and intuitive GUI designed for storage generalists and database administrators without requiring storage specialist expertise.

Centralized Policy-Driven copy data management
  • Create centralized copy policies quickly and easily to govern the frequency and retention of all copies of users databases or VMs across primary, secondary and cloud storage tiers.

  • Drive adherence to SLA requirements and business objectives by mandating specified levels of copy policies (Eg: Gold, Silver, Bronze) to be used for certain VMs or databases.

  • Copy policies can be set for all supported applications across all supported storage platforms to encompass Application-Consistent snapshots on the primary array, backups to StoreOnce backup systems, copies on a second StoreOnce system or copies on StoreOnce CloudBank storage for DR purposes.

  • Drive timely expiration of the copies as much as creating them - To avoid copy sprawl.

Space-Efficient storage with fast and efficient data movement across storage tiers
  • Snapshots on 3PAR or Nimble arrays are Space-Efficient, thinly provisioned, Pointer-Based virtual copies, occupying very little space. Backups to StoreOnce are deduplicated inline and offer up to 20:1 deduplication ratios on average.

  • Backups on StoreOnce are always Synthetic Fulls or Self-Contained volumes available for recovery instantly - Back to the original or different storage array even if the original base volume is lost.

  • Snapshot-Based backups with Multi-Streamed parallel ingest facilitates faster and efficient backups compared to traditional backup technologies. RMC’s Express Protect Backups are up to 23X faster than traditional methods. Meet users backup windows more easily even for users largest data sets.

  • Copy backups efficiently to StoreOnce CloudBank Storage on a public cloud tier or On-Premises object storage for Long-Term backup retention by moving only changed blocks as required thereby reducing network bandwidth requirements.

  • Fast and efficient recovery (Express Restore - Up to 15X faster than traditional methods) by moving only changed blocks as necessary - Ensures user recover from data loss quickly and don’t end up paying heavily for data egress charges from public cloud tiers.

Protect against ransomware and unlock secondary data use cases without affecting production
  • RMC Backups to StoreOnce are always written using the StoreOnce catalyst protocol which make it immutable and therefore when it comes to ransomware protection, make it safer than replication technologies, which easily mirror the security threat or corruption on the remote array.

  • Storage-Integrated data protection ensures there is no impact to production applications due to the backup workload. Data is moved directly from primary storage to protection storage without having to be read and written by a separate backup server.

  • Spin up mock environments of users application for test/dev use cases by creating Space-Efficient clones of users database or VM. Virtual clones based on 3PAR R/W snapshots or Nimble zero copy clones do not consume any additional space. Physical clones are deduplicated and stored efficiently.

  • Create One-Off clone copies from any available Point-in-Time copy across primary, secondary, and cloud storage tiers.

  • Derive more value out of users secondary copies for use cases such as reporting, analytics, etc., or carry out granular recovery without affecting users production environment by mounting the backup copy as if it were a snapshot on primary storage ERT.

Deployment simplicity and ease of use
  • Get set up and running in a matter of minutes without requiring professional services. The RMC installer wizard is provided with preflight checks to reduce the probability of Non-Product issues in users storage environment unnecessarily delaying users installation.

  • The new, simplified RMC GUI and dashboard is built to ensure even storage generalists and database administrators can intuitively carry out all functions and monitor progress. Storage specialists are not required to operate RMC.

  • VMware administrators can continue using the familiar vCenter management console for carrying out all RMC operations including snapshot management, backup and recovery or cloning, without requiring to depend on storage or backup administrators.

API-Driven architecture
  • All RMC operations can be orchestrated and automated via REST APIs.

  • Customize data protection and copy data management for any application - Not just the ones officially supported by RMC - By combining application-specific scripts (To quiesce the application I/O) with RMC REST APIs to automate management of snapshots, backups, and copies.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Using RMC allows user to create as less copies as is required, keep as less copies as required, make sure that the copies consume as less space as required and consume as less bandwidth as required while moving the copies around primary, secondary or cloud tiers - Overall enabling user to lower users total cost of ownership and derive more value out of users secondary storage investments.
Snapshot management on HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage arrays
  • All requisite RMC licenses are included by default as part of the 3PAR All-Inclusive Single-System software license suite, for the 3PAR 8000, 9000 and 20000 series of arrays. (The 3PAR virtual copy software license is a Pre-Requisite for RMC to work, but the virtual copy license is also part of the All-Inclusive suite).

  • In other words, the RMC-Based snapshot management functionality is available for no additional cost to all 3PAR 8000, 9000 and 20000 users, without any additional licensing requirements.

  • If RMC is used to manage snapshots of remote copy volume groups across two 3PAR StoreServ arrays under a remote copy replication relationship, then a 3PAR remote copy software license is a Pre-Requisite, which is part of the 3PAR All-Inclusive Multi-System software license suite.

  • The 3PAR All-Inclusive suites are not available for the legacy 3PAR 7000 and 10000 series of arrays. For users using these older array models, the RMC snapshot management functionality can be licensed by purchasing a corresponding RMC Suite SKU (Please see previous section for SKU details). These suite SKUs enable all application Plug-Ins including RMC-V, RMC-S, RMC-E, RMC-O as well as RMC-SH and are licensed per array frame regardless of amount of data protected.

Backup management on HPE StoreOnce systems (Express protect)
  • To unlock the express protect feature to carry out direct backups from supported storage arrays to HPE StoreOnce backup systems using RMC, the only license required is a HPE StoreOnce catalyst license.

  • The StoreOnce catalyst license is included by default with the latest Gen4 StoreOnce appliances.

  • For earlier models: This license needs to be installed on the HPE StoreOnce backup system. One instance of this license is required per HPE StoreOnce appliance.

Supported 3PAR StoreServ storage arrays
  • 20000 series

  • 8000 series

  • 9000 series

  • 7x00 series

  • 10x00 series

  • F-Class1

  • T-Class1

  1. Current users of F-class and T-class 3PAR StoreServ storage arrays (Running 3PAR OS 3.1.2 MU5 and above) using 3PAR recovery manager software products will be able to upgrade to RMC and retain their snapshot management functionality, but express protect functionality is not supported.


Software overview

Application Plug-Ins
  • HPE Recovery Manager Central for VMware (RMC-V)

  • HPE Recovery Manager Central for SQL (RMC-S)

  • HPE Recovery Manager Central for MS Exchange (RMC-E)

  • HPE Recovery Manager Central for Oracle (RMC-O)

  • RMC-SH

  • OneView for VMware vCenter Plug-In


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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