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HPE XP7 Storage - Overview

Product description

The HPE XP7 Storage is an enterprise class data storage platform for disaster proof storage for mission critical environments.The HPE XP7 provides extreme availability, top performance, and easy consolidation for enterprise data. XP7 combines an ultra-high-performance on-line scalable fully redundant hardware platform with unique high availability solutions for complete business continuity and data protection. The HPE XP7 is well suited for OLTP, server virtualization and VDI, analytics uses cases. XP software provides extensive disaster recovery solutions for two and three data centers with integrated cluster support. Massive consolidation becomes a reality by managing multiple workloads on a single XP7, including open systems, mainframe, and HPE Non-Stop applications all on a single XP7 with ultra-high performance, low latencyand reduced data center cost.


What's new

  • HPE Intelligent Storage Manager; Intelligent Storage Manager is a unified configuration management tool that reduces the complexity of managing HPE XP storage systems. HPE Intelligent Storage Manger’s intuitive Graphical User Interface allows users to get at-a-glance status of XP storage resources and simplifies deployment, management, and maintenance of XP storage.

  • HPE Data Protection Manager; HPE Data Protection Manager is the answer for implementing contemporary data protection and copy management to improve data availability, compliance, governance, agility, and costs. HPE Data Protection Manager enables administrators for create policies and workflows to automate replication and copy data management, removing vast amounts of complexity and the need to create and manage custom scripts.

  • Array Manager Plus Suite now includes HPE XP7 Business Copy LTU and unlimited Fast Snap! No need to guess at the required amount of Business Copy LTUs. Array Manager Plus Suite LTUs includes an equal amount of Business Copy for added peace of mind.


Product features

Gen 2 Disk Controller Chassis - DKC
The Gen 2 HPE XP7 controller delivers up to 40% improved performance over Gen 1
  • The Disk Controller Chassis (DKC) includes one Cache Path Control Adapter (CPEX), one Multi-Processor Blade Pair (MPB), one Service Processor (SVP), Cooling Fans and AC-DC Power Supplies

  • One Backup Memory Kit (BKM) is required per CPEX. Batteries and cache flash memories are installed in the Cache Backup Module Kit (BKM) to prevent data loss by the occurrence of power outage or the like

  • The options which can be added to a Disk Controller Chassis (DKC) consist of Channel Adapters (CHA), Disk Adapters (DKA), and Multi-Processor Blade Pairs (MPB). A network HUB or Option SVP is required in case additional option MPBs are located in the CHA/MBP location

  • The storage system continues to operate when a single point of failure occurs. The addition, the replacement of the components and the upgrading of the microcode can be processed while the storage system is in operation

  • The SVP implements a setting and a modification of the storage system configuration information, and observes the operational status. Connecting this SVP to HPE C-Track enables the remote monitoring of the storage system. An Option SVP may be added to provide storage management and monitoring continuity in case of the main SVP fails and need to be replaced

Drive Chassis/Media Chassis - DKU
Three types of media chassis are available:
  • SFF HDD/SSD Chassis for 2.5-inch media - Referred to as a SBX

    SBX: The SFF Drive Chassis is a chassis to install the SFF media, and consists of SSW boards and the AC-DC Power Supplies equipped with built-in cooling fans

  • LFF Drive Chassis for 3.5-inch drives - Referred to as an UBX

    UBX: The LFF Drive Chassis is a chassis to install the LFF disk drives, and consists of SSW boards and the AC-DC Power Supplies equipped with built-in cooling fans.

  • FMD Chassis for Flash Module Devices (FMD) - Referred to as a FBX

    FBX: The FMD Chassis is a chassis to install Flash Module Devices, and consists of SSW boards and the AC-DC Power Supplies equipped with built-in cooling fans.

Channel Adapter Pairs - CHA
Provide connections to host or servers that use the XP7 for data storage
CHA pairs also provide connections to external storage devices and to remote replication devices.
The maximum number of CHA pairs that can be installed in one DKC depends on the number of DKAs installed:
  • Max 4 CHA pair with 2 DKA pairs installed

  • Max 5 CHA pair with 1 DKA pair installed

  • Max 6 CHA pair with 0 DKA pair installed

The maximum number of allowed CHA pairs may be reduced depending on the number of additional MPBs.
Disk Adapter Sets - DKA
  • The DKA performs all data movement between the drives and Cache Memory. The DKA also provides data protection using RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 6

  • The HPE XP7 may have zero DKA pairs (for an all external storage configuration), and from one to up to four DKA pairs for internal storage media connection

Encryption Ready Disk Adapter Sets - E-DKA
XP7 Encryption option requires:
  • The HPE XP7 encryption option requires the Encryption Ready Disk Adapters as well as an encryption software license

  • Data encryption occurs at the DKA device resulting in encrypted data at rest (DARE) on the drive/media

Cache memory
  • Temporarily store data from the host until it is written to drive storage, or to stage data requested by the host from a drive

  • The XP7 contains Global mirrored cache

  • Cache data is also backed up to SSD for each Cache Memory Adapter in case of power outage or DKC power off

  • HPE XP7 Cache Memory can be configured into partitions allocated to particular host/port combinations to ensure that those hosts/ports enjoy optimized performance of cache-oriented I/O

Media: HDD/SSD drives and flash modules
  • HPE XP7 supports a variety of 2.5-inch small form-factor hard disk drives and Solid State Drives (SSDs)

  • 3.5-inch large form-factor hard disk drives and XP Flash Modules

Flash Module Device (FMD)
HPE XP7 supports Flash Module Device’s (FMD):
  • Provide solid-state non-volatile high-performance data capacity

  • FMD capacity can be configured for use in the array in the same way as any other HDD or SSD

  • Number ob FMD that can be installed in a HPE XP7 is flexible

  • FMDs must be added in groups of four or more

Service processor
The Service Processor (SVP) manages:
  • Manages the XP7 configuration

  • Gathers statistical information

  • Used for some maintenance activities

Continuous track remote support
Uses internet connectivity to transmit:
  • Heartbeats

  • System Information Messages (SIMs)

  • configuration information to the HPE Storage Technology Centers (STCs) for remote data collection and remote monitoring purposes

Server connectivity
Connects to a variety of servers and operating systems
Switch support details
HPE XP7 connects to the leading Fibre Channel, FcoE and iSCSI switches in the industry today
Energy star certification
HPE XP7 Storage is now energy star certified to meet data center efficiency goals


Software overview

Supported Operating System (OS)
  • HPE-UX

  • HPE NonStop

  • VMWare

  • AIX

  • Linux

  • Windows

  • Solaris

  • Mainframe

  • Open VMS

Application solutions
  • Maintain hardware redundancy

  • Achieve data loss protection

  • Increase utilization efficiency

  • Reduce storage costs

  • Increase return on investment

  • Maximize performance

  • Easily integrate to existing Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and VMware environments with choice of FC,iSCSI, or SAS attached controllers

HPE XP7 Software products
  • HPE XP7 Array Manager Plus Suite

  • HPE XP7 Array Manager Conversion Suite

  • HPE XP7 Intelligent Storage Manager

  • HPE XP7 Automation Director

  • HPE XP7 High Availability Software

  • HPE XP7 Three Data Center High Availability Suite

  • HPE XP7 Continuous Access to High Availability Conversion

  • HPE XP7 Compression and Dedupe

  • HPE XP7 Data Protection Manager

  • HPE XP7 Command View Advanced Edition Suite

Applications integrated with HPE XP7 Command View AE
  • HPE XP7 Tiered Storage Manager Software

  • HPE XP7 Command View AE Plug-in

  • HPE XP7 Online Migration Suite

  • HPE XP7 Remote Web Console

  • HPE XP7 DKA Encryption Software

  • HPE XP7 Cache Partition

  • HPE XP7 External Storage

  • HPE XP7 Resource Partition Software

  • HPE XP7 RAID Manager

  • HPE XP7 Cache LUN (Also known as Cache Residency)

  • HPE XP7 Performance Control

  • HPE XP7 Data Shredder (Also known as Volume Shredder)

  • HPE XP7 Smart Tiers Software

  • HPE XP7 Auto LUN Software

  • HPE XP7 Performance Advisor Software

  • HPE XP7 Plug-ins

Mainframe environment
  • HPE XP7 Mainframe Basic Suite

  • HPE XP7 Mainframe Performance Suite

  • HPE XP7 Mainframe Tiering Suite

  • HPE XP7 Business Copy Software

  • HPE XP7 Continuous Access Suite

  • HPE XP7 Dynamic Link Manager Advanced

  • HPE XP7 Global Link Manager

  • HPE Service guard Metrocluster with XP7 and XP Continuous Access and HPE Service guard for Linux x86 Enterprise edition

  • HPE Serviceguard Continental clusters

  • HPE XP Cluster Extension Software

  • HPE XP7 Virtualization Adapter

  • HPE DBUtil

  • HPE XP7 Smart Manager for Mainframe

  • HPE XP7 for Data Exchange

  • HPE XP7 for Compatible Extended Remote Copy (XRC)

  • HPE XP7 FlashCopy Mirroring

  • HPE XP7 Business Continuity Manager

  • HPE XP7 Business Continuity Manager Continuous Access Journal 4 x 4 Ext CTG

  • HPE XP7 High Performance FICON(R) Connectivity Software

Capacity-licensed XP7 Software
  • Band-based Capacity-licensed XP7 Software Product Structure

  • Usable Capacity-licensed Software Titles

  • Used Capacity-licensed Software Titles


Scalability of the HPE XP7

Data Drives SFF
Data Drives LFF
Data Drives SSD
Data Media Modules FMD
Spare Media
SBX (SFF Media Chassis)
UBX (LFF Media Chassis)
FBX (FMD Media Chassis)
0GB in a diskless configuration
Single parity group of 4 HDD, SSD or FMD
34.5PB Raw
~30 PB Useable
SAS Disk Adapter (DKA) Pairs
Channel Adapter (CHA) Pairs
16 Gb/s FC Host Ports
8 Gb/s FC Host Ports
10 Gb/s FCoE Host Ports
10 GB/s iSCSI Ports
8 Gb/s FICON Host Ports
16 Gb/s FICON Host Ports
32GB (2 x 16GB)
32GB (2 x 16GB)


Link to drivers, firmware, software and manuals

Click here to access the drivers, firmware, software and manuals information .


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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