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VMware vCenter Server 5.x - Unable to Start vCenter Server Service with Error vmodl.fault.ManagedObjectNotFound


vCenter Server 5.1 as a Windows 2008 R2 virtual machine when its vCenter Server service failed to start and the error matched VMware article KB2001504.

2013-04-30T23:44:57.585-05:00 [03312 warning 'Libs'] VmdbCtxGet: Failed to get /vpx/vm/#660/_private/managedObjImpl/ (Null cross reference)

2013-04-30T23:44:57.587-05:00 [03312 error 'Default'] [VpxdDatastore] Failed to load DATASTORE table from database: vmodl.fault.ManagedObjectNotFound

2013-04-30T23:44:57.587-05:00 [03312 error 'Default'] [VpxdMain] Failed to initialize: vmodl.fault.ManagedObjectNotFound

It was suspected manual SQL deletion of vCenter objects had been done on tables such as VPX_DATASTORE, VPX_DS_ASSIGNMENT and VPX_VM_DS_SPACE which however still left out some SQL object on vCenter.

Raising logging level in vCenter Server configuration file vpxd.cfg showed the ID of the orphan object, in this case a virtual machine "Lab-999" with ID being 666.


Steps to fix this issue:

  1. Back up the SQL vCenter database.

  2. Issue the SQL conmmand: delete from VPX_ENTITY where ID=666

    It was then able to start the vCenter Server service

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