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HP R1500 G3 Uninterruptible Power Supply - Overview

Product description

HP R1500 G3 UPS provides maximum uptime in the event of a power problem for a variety of Rack-Based computer systems, providing powerful performance while occupying minimal rack space. HP R1500 G3 UPS is a 1U, high power density solution designed for end users to provide power protection, for maximum uptime and data corruption avoidance, in Space-Constrained rack environments.


Product features

1U Power packed design
Rated up to 1500 VA/1000 W, the HP UPS R1500 G3 packs more power in Space-Conserving Rack-Mount design, allowing more support for critical equipment in the rack.
Lower cost of ownership with innovative technology
  • HP UPS R1500 G3 utilizes a line interactive which features true sine wave output and superior input/output voltage regulation. This technology is inherently reliable and highly efficient.

  • HPE UPS can correct input voltage variations as low as -23% of nominal voltage without transferring to the battery. This will ensure the battery is preserved and ready for the next power anomaly.

Investment protection with HPE Enhanced battery management
  • HP UPS R1500 G3 incorporates enhanced battery management: An exclusive, patented technology that doubles battery service life, optimizes battery recharge time, and provides advance notice of pending battery failure.

  • Enhanced battery management provides lower total cost of ownership and receives the best in the industry protection for critical equipment.

Intelligent manageability
  • HPE Power Protector Management Software included with the R1500 G3 models. The HPE Power Protector Software enables to monitor and control HPE UPS locally or remotely.

  • This software is a versatile, fully configurable, alert response tool that gives system administrators a full overview of the UPS conditions.

  • It enables to monitor system status and power conditions, configure shut down timing, customize alert messages, and gracefully shut down servers during an extended power outage.

Optional UPS Network module
  • HPE UPS Network module enables to monitor and manage power environments through comprehensive control of HPE UPS.

  • HPE UPS Management module can support either a single UPS Configuration or provides additional power protection with support for dual redundant UPS Configuration for No-Single-point-of-Failure.

  • The UPS Network module can be configured to send alert traps to HPE Systems Insight Manager (HPE SIM) and other Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management programs or used as a standalone management system.

  • This flexibility enables to monitor and manage UPS through the network. To facilitate Day-to-Day maintenance tasks, the embedded management software provides detailed system logs.

  • The HPE UPS Network module provides remote management of a UPS by connecting the UPS Directly to the network. Configuration and management of the UPS from anywhere and at anytime via a standard web browser.

Independently controllable load segments
Two independent controlled load segments, provides the flexibility to configure each segments shut down schedule to maximize runtime for critical equipment.
Ease of maintenance with Hot-Swappable batteries
  • HP UPS R1500 G3 is modular in design and the batteries are Hot-Swappable. HPE UPS are designed with simple access through the front panel.

  • Users can safely install new batteries without ever powering down connected server and server options.

Compatible with all HPE Servers, storage, racks, rack options, and other rack mountable HPE Equipment.
Standard DB-9 port (Ships with communication cable) USB Port (Ships with communication cable).
Option slot
Option cards
HPE UPS Network module
LED Indicators
LED Display integrated into the front panel


Software overview

HPE Power Protector Management Software available via download.


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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