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Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2010 - Failure Saving Site as Template


When running Windows Sharepoint Foundation 2010 on a Windows 2008 R2 system, a failure occurs during a "Save Site as a template" and returns an error message:

An unexpected error has occurred.

The Sharepoint ULS logfile shows:

System.InvalidOperationException: Error generating solution files in temporary directory.


This failure is caused by corrupt permissions on directories such as the temporary directories.

This is a failure outside of Sharepoint and causes other applications to fail also.

Directory permissions must be restored to the correct values.

The directory that was having problems is c:\users\Administrator\AppData\local\temp.

Use this command to restore the Sharepoint directory permissions, but the temporary directories that are causing these problems are not the Sharepoint directories:

Psconfig -cmd securresources

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