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HPE ProLiant DL380 G7 Server - Specifications

System specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D) (with bezel)
SFF Drives:
  • 8.59 x 44.55 x 69.22 cm (3.38 x 17.54 x 27.25 in)

LFF Drives:
  • 8.59 x 44.55 x 74.30 cm (3.38 x 17.54 x 29.25 in)

Weight (approximate)
Maximum(all hard drives, powersupply, and processorinstalled):
  • 27.27 kg (60.00 lb)

Minimum(one hard drive, powersupply, and processorinstalled):
  • 21.45 kg (47.18 lb)

Input Requirements(per power supply)
Rated Line Voltage
  • 100 to 120 V ac

  • 200 to 240 V ac

Rated Input Current
  • For 1200 W Power Supply: 10 A (at 100 V ac),4.9 A (at 200 V ac)

  • For 750 W Power Supply:8.9 A (at 100 V ac),4.3 A (at 200 V ac)

  • For 460 W Power Supply:5.5 A (at 100 V ac),2.6 A (at 200 V ac)

Rated Input Frequency
  • 50 to 60 Hz

Rated Input Power
  • For 1200 W Power Supply:930 W (at 100 V ac),1348 W (at 200 V ac)For 750 W

  • Power Supply:857 W (at 100 V ac),824 W (at 200 V ac)

  • For 460 W Power Supply:526 W (at 100 V ac),505 W (at 200 V ac)

BTU Rating
  • For 1200 W Power Supply:3530 BTU/hr (at 100 V ac),4600 BTU/hr (at 200 V ac)

  • For 750 W Power Supply:2925 BTU/hr (at 100 V ac),2812 BTU/hr (at 200 V ac)For 460 W

  • Power Supply:1794 BTU/hr (at 100 V ac),1725 BTU/hr (at 200 V ac)

Power Supply Output(per power supply)
Rated Steady-State Power
  • For 1200 W Power Supply:800 W (at 100 V ac),900 W (at 120 V ac),1200 W (at 200 to 240 V ac)

  • For 750 W Power Supply:750 W (at 100 to 120 V ac),750 W (at 200 to 240 V ac)

  • For 460 W Power Supply:460 W (at 100 to 120 V ac),460 W (at 200 to 240 V ac)

Maximum Peak Power
  • For 1200 W Power Supply:800 W (at 100 V ac),900 W (at 120 V ac),1200 W (at 200 to 240 V ac)

  • For 750 W Power Supply:750 W (at 100 to 120 V ac),750 W (at 200 to 240 V ac)

  • For 460 W Power Supply:460 W (at 100 to 120 V ac),460 W (at 200 to 240 V ac)


Environmental specifications

System Inlet Temperature
10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F) at sea level with analtitude derating of 1.0°C per every 305 m(1.8°F per every 1000 ft) above sea level to amaximum of 3050 m (10,000 ft), no directsustained sunlight. Maximum rate of change is10°C/hr (18°F/hr). The upper limit may belimited by the type and number of optionsinstalled.
System performance may be reduced if operatingwith a fan fault or above 30°C (86°F).
-30° to 60°C (-22° to 140°F). Maximum rate ofchange is 20°C/hr (36°F/hr).
Relative Humidity(non-condensing)
10 to 90% relative humidity (Rh), 28°C (82.4°F)maximum wet bulb temperature, noncondensing.
5 to 95% relative humidity (Rh), 38.7°C(101.7°F) maximum wet bulb temperature, noncondensing.
3050 m (10,000 ft). This value may be limited bythe type and number of options installed.Maximum allowable altitude change rate is 457m/min (1500 ft/min).
9144 m (30,000 ft). Maximum allowablealtitude change rate is 457 m/min (1500 ft/min).
Acoustic Noise 1
Listed are the declared A-Weighted sound power levels (LWAd) and declaredaverage bystander position A-Weighted sound pressure levels (LpAm) whenthe product is operating in a 23°C ambient environment. Noise emissions weremeasured in accordance with ISO 7779 (ECMA 74) and declared in accordancewith ISO 9296 (ECMA 109).
4.1 B
4.7 B
22 dBA
28 dBA
Emissions Classification 2(EMC)
FCC Rating
Class A
Normative Standards
CISPR 22; EN55022; EN55024; FCC CFR 47, Pt 15;ICES-003; CNS13438; GB9254; K22;K24; EN61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3; EN 60950-1; IEC60950-1
NOTE: 1. The listed sound levels apply to standard shipping configurations.Additional options may result in increased sound levels.

2. Product conformance to cited product specifications is based onsample (type) testing, evaluation, or assessment. This product or family ofproducts is eligible to bear the appropriate compliance logos and statements.


Integrated Lights-Out 3(iLO 3)integrated on systemboard

PCI Express based health and remote management ASIC
PCI Express RISC processor core running at 250MHz
Option firmware upgradeable via Flash ROM
Video support
1600 x 1200 DVR max resolution
One Ethernet Sideband connection (10/100/1000 Mb/s)
One Ethernet network connection (10/100Mb/s)
128MB DDR with ECC
Operating Systemsupport
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 R2

  • Microsoft Windows 2008 (32 bit and 64 bit)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (32 bit and 64 bit)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition (32 bit and 64 bit)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2, and WindowsServer 2003 for Embedded Systems Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 (32 bit and 64 bit)

  • SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 11 (32 bit and 64 bit)

  • SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

  • VMware ESX 4.0

  • VMware ESX 3.5.0

  • Microsoft Windows 7

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition

  • Microsoft Windows Vista Business and Ultimate Editions

Client system support
  • Red Hat Enterprise Desktop 5.00

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

Client browser support
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

  • Firefox 3.5 (on supported Windows and Linux systems)

  • Firefox 3.0 (on supported Windows and Linux systems)

Command line support
Secure Shell and serial port access
  • Secure Socket Layer

  • Secure Shell version 2

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Triple Data Encryption Standard(3DES) on browser, CLP and XML scripting interface

  • AES encryption of video

  • RC4 encryption of video

Directory supportservices
Active Directory v1.0 (Windows 2003)
Driver support
HP ProLiant iLO3 Management Controller Driver Package
Management protocolssupported
SNMP, IPMI 2.0 (system and LAN interface), DMTF Systems ManagementArchitecture for Server Hardware Command Line Protocol (SMASH CLP), HPRIBCL XML


Smart Array P410icontroller

Disk Drive and EnclosureInterface - transfer rate
6Gb/s SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)
3Gb/s SATA (Serial ATA)
SAS Connectors
2 internal 4X connectors
Cache Memory Speed
DDR2-800MHz with 40 or 72-bit wide bus
Server Interface
x4 PCIe 2.0 provides 4GB/s maximum bandwidth
SAS Speed
8 6Gb/s SAS links provide 4.8GB/s maximum bandwidth
Cache Memory
Zero Memory RAID has no cache memory
40-bit 256MB ECC protected cache (battery upgrade available)
72-bit 512MB BBWC or 72-bit 512MB and 1G FBWC
Zero Memory, Up to 2 logical volumes (8 physical drives)
Logical Drives Supported
Up to 64 logical drives with cache
Host Memory Addressing
64-bit, supporting greater than 4GB server memory space
RAID Support
RAID 6, 6+0 (Advanced Data Guarding)1
RAID 5, 5+0 (Distributed Data Guarding)2
RAID 1+0 (Striping & Mirroring)
RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring)
NOTE: 1. RAID 6, 6+0 can be enabled with one of the following combinations:
  • 256MB cache, Battery kit and Smart Array Advanced Pack License keyoption upgrades
  • 512MB BBWC/FBWC and Smart Array Advanced Pack License key optionupgrades
  • 1G FBWC and Smart Array Advanced Pack License key option upgrades

2. A minimum or 256 MB cache is required to enable RAID 5, 5+0 support


Two HP NC382i Dual PortMultifunction Gigabitserver adapters

Network interface
  • IEEE 802.3 10Base-T

  • IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T

  • IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX

  • IEEE 802.3ad 1000Base-TX

  • IEEE 802.1p 100Base-TX

  • IEEE 802.1q 100Base-TX

Data transfer method
PCI Express, four lanes (x4)
Network transfer rate
  • 10Base-T (Half-Duplex) - 10 Mb/s

  • 10Base-T (Full-Duplex) - 20 Mb/s

  • 100Base-TX (Half-Duplex) - 100 Mb/s

  • 100Base-TX (Full-Duplex) - 200 Mb/s

  • 1000Base-TX (Half andFull-Duplex)- 2000Mb/s

Two RJ-45
Cable support
Categories 3, 4 or 5 UTP;up to 328 ft (100 m)
Category 5 or higher UTP;up to 328 ft (100 m)
Category 5 or higher UTP;up to 328 ft (100 m)


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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