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HP ProLiant Servers - Identifying Troubleshooting Tools

Diagnostic tools

HP Insight diagnostics

HP Insight diagnostics is a proactive server management tool, available in both offline and online versions, that provides diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities to assist IT administrators who verify server installations, troubleshoot problems, and perform repair validation.

HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition performs various in-depth system and component testing while the OS is not running. Offline diagnostics testing provides both system device verification and troubleshooting.

  • Offline diagnostics testing can be used as a form of acceptance testing to verify proper device operations during system installation.
  • Offline diagnostics is a proactive tool used to facilitate system troubleshooting and verify problem repairs.
To run this utility, launch the SmartStart CD.

HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition is a Web-Based application that captures system configuration and other related data needed for effective server management. Available in Microsoft Windows and Linux versions, the utility helps to ensure proper system operation. Online diagnostics resolves problems without taking the server offline.

  • Online diagnostics and troubleshooting reduces system downtime.
  • Online diagnostics offers remote accessibility of data.
  • Online diagnostics delivers automatic configuration tracking and audit trail history that are accessible on demand.

Insight diagnostics online edition replaces the legacy Survey utility, and is downloadable as part of the ProLiant support pack or as a separate software component.

For more information or to download the utility, refer to the following HP website URLs.

Click here to access additional information on HP Insight Diagnostics at: .

Click here to access the HP Insight Diagnostics product QuickSpecs .

Click here to access the HP Insight Diagnostics FAQ page .

Click here to download the HP Insight Software Installation and Configuration Guide .

Click here to download the HP Insight Diagnostics User Guide .


Smart array SCSI diagnosis feature

NOTE: This feature is only available in HP Insight diagnostics online edition.

The HP Insight diagnostics online edition provides the capability to use Non-Intrusive system level checks to diagnose Smart array SCSI hard drives. Diagnosis supports SCSI, SATA, and SAS hard drives that are attached to a smart array controller and configured as part of a logical volume. Diagnosis is not component testing, but is a combination of drive history and controller error status.

Diagnosis assists in confirming hardware status and is faster than offline testing. Using the diagnosis feature reduces downtime and provides information on one pass.

The diagnosis feature should be used:

  • To troubleshoot why a hard drive is in a particular state.
  • When HP SIM reports a hard drive pre-failure or that a hard drive has failed.
  • When data corruption or storage problems occur, but no physical indications are evident.
  • When conflicting errors exist.
  • When repeated failures occur.

Click here to download the HP Smart Array Controllers for HP ProLiant Servers User Guide .

Many of the smart array errors can be solved by using the procedures found in the user guide. See Diagnosing array problems starting on page 51.


HP Insight diagnostics survey functionality

HP Insight diagnostics provides survey functionality that gathers critical hardware and software information on ProLiant servers. This functionality supports operating systems that may not be supported by the server.

Click here for the operating systems supported by the server, at the HP website URL of .

Select an Operating System from the list of server matrices provided.

If a significant change occurs between Data-Gathering intervals, the survey function marks the previous information and overwrites the survey data files to reflect the latest changes in the configuration. Survey functionality is installed with every SmartStart-assisted HP Insight diagnostics installation, or it can be installed through the HP PSP (ProLiant Support Packs).

NOTE: The current version of SmartStart provides the memory spare part numbers for the server.

Click here to access the SmartStart home page to obtain product QuickSpecs, manuals and download files .

Click here for additional SmartStart documentation, FAQs and known product issues .


Integrated management log

The IML records hundreds of events and stores them in an easy-to-view form. The IML timestamps each event with 1-minute granularity. user can view recorded events in the IML in several ways, including the following:

  • From within HP SIM ("HP Systems Insight Manager")
  • From within survey utility
  • From within operating System-Specific IML viewers
    • For NetWare: IML viewer
    • For Windows: IML viewer
    • For Linux: IML viewer application
  • From within the iLO and iLO 2 user interface
  • From within HP Insight diagnostics

For more information, refer to the management CD in the HP ProLiant essentials foundation pack.

Click here to download the HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition Survey Utility and IML Viewer Technical White Paper .


Array diagnostic utility

The HP ProLiant array diagnostics utility is a Web-Based application that creates a report of all HP storage controllers and disk drives. This report provides vital information to assist in identifying faults or conditions that may require attention. Two versions of the HP ProLiant array diagnostic utillity are available:

  • HP ProLiant array diagnostics utiltiy for Windows
  • HP ProLiant array diagnostics utiltiy for Linux

The ADU can be accessed from the SmartStart CD (SmartStart software) or downloaded from the HP website.

Click here to locate the current versions of the HP ProLiant Array Diagnostic Utility .

Additional information on setting up and configuring drive arrays can be found in the HP Array configuration utility user guide.

Click here to download the HP Array Configuration Utility User Guide .


Remote support and analysis tools

Service essentials remote support pack

Service essentials remote support pack incorporates service tools that notify users when a significant system event has occurred or might occur. Users can configure and customize alert notification status for key hardware components, including HP ProLiant servers, Linux-Based Integrity servers, and associated devices. The tools are designed for precise problem identification and send notifications only for events that require service actions.

Integration of the service essentials remote support pack with HP SIM capability includes the following support:

  • 24x7 remote and local monitoring.
  • Service response during contracted HP Care pack service or warranty coverage hours for qualified devices.
  • Highly secure Internet connection to HP.
  • Detailed problem resolution information, including part location in device, replacement part number, and access to Self-Repair streaming videos.
  • Rapid electronic access to device entitlement information for all SIM-Detected devices: system ID information; service entitlement information; automatic retrieval of warranty, HP Care Pack service and support contract details; automatic notification 90, 60 and 30 days before warranty, service or contract expiration.

For the latest news and developments in service essentials software:

Service Essentials software is installed by a remote support software manager agent. This component is installed through the HP SIM Installer.

HP Services has deployed Real-Time analysis and diagnostic tools. WEBES and OSEM are used as part of the service essentials remote support offering. For more information, and to download the analysis tools:


HP Instant support enterprise edition

ISEE is a proactive remote monitoring and diagnostic tool to help manage users systems and devices, a feature of HP support. ISEE provides continuous hardware event monitoring and automated notification to identify and prevent potential critical problems. Through remote diagnostic scripts and vital system configuration information collected about users systems, ISEE enables fast restoration of users systems. Install ISEE on users systems to help mitigate risk and prevent potential critical problems.

Click here for more additional information on HP Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE) .

Click here for more information on "HP Insight Remote Support Software" .


Web-Based enterprise service

WEBES enables administrators to manage hardware events proactively, either locally or online. The service provides Real-Time multiple event analysis, crash analysis, and notification, locally through SMTP and remotely through ISEE for OpenVMS, Tru64, and Microsoft Windows operating system binary error logs.


Open services event manager

OSEM is a standalone tool that performs Real-Time reactive and proactive service event filtering, analysis, and notification. The tool gathers event data from SNMP traps or information provided over an HTTP interface and notifies an administrator or HP through SMTP and ISEE.


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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