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HPE 6400/8400 Enterprise Virtual Array - Overview

Product description

The HP StorageWorks 6400/8400 StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family is an enterprise class storage array system designed to aggregate and automate your array management tasks to manage more storage capacity with fewer resources. The EVA 6400/8400 family is designed for the data center where there is a critical need for improved storage utilization and scalability. The EVA meets application specific demands for transaction I/O performance for mid-range and enterprise customers. It provides easy capacity expansion, instantaneous replication and simplified storage administration. The Enterprise Virtual Array combined with HP StorageWorks Command View EVA software provides a comprehensive solution designed to simplify management and maximize performance.


What's New

Support for new 600GB 15K RPM Fibre Channel hard disk drive

Product features

What's New
The new EVA 6400/8400 arrays support all the robust features and functions made popular in the previous generation of EVA arrays plus:
  • Increased cache up to 22GB for improved application read and write performance

  • Support for Vraid 6 for increased data protection

  • Increased maximum LUN size to 32TB to support application needs

  • Solid State Disk Support for high I/O/low latency applications

  • Support for 64 Snapshots for improved data management and back-up

  • Improved Command View Performance

  • Instant restore from a MirrorClone Snapshot

  • Command View EVA and Replication Solution Manager support for All EVA generations

  • Dynamic Capacity Manager on Linux

EVA Capabilities
  • Virtualization abilities allow for easy management and excellent capacity utilization

  • Support for integrated application (block) and file storage solution with EVA file services offerings

  • Support for dual-ported 4Gb/s FC disk drives and 2Gb/s dual-ported Fibre Attached Technology Adapted (FATA) drives and dual ported Solid State Disks (SSD)

  • Support for Direct Attach connection to Windows storage servers without the need for SAN switches. SAN support for integrated EVA iSCSI Connectivity Option with Windows, HP OVMS, Linux, Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, and VMware

  • Supports up to 2048 LUNs (up to 256 per HBA) ranging in size from 1GB to 32 TB per Virtual disk, in 1 GB increments

  • Dynamic Capacity Management support to expand LUNs up to 2TB (in 1GB increments) and shrink LUNs 2TB or less

EVA iSCSI Connectivity
EVA iSCSI support is available through the EVA iSCSI Connectivity Option. This powerful solution provides iSCSI connectivity to an EVA utilizing the EVA's existing Fibre Channel infrastructure. The HP StorageWorks EVA iSCSI Connectivity Option extends the advantages of Fibre Channel SANs into smaller departments and remote locations. This EVA option allows customers to incorporate iSCSI servers within SANs without requiring additional storage arrays or management costs. Use the EVA's Command View software to manage the iSCSI connectivity to the array and mount the iSCSI device in the same rack as the array.
EVA File Services
File services for the EVA are supported through the use of the EFS Clustered Gateway. Using File services with the EVA eliminates having to manage silos of storage, File Services for the EVA creates a single, integrated storage solution that provides both easy to manage application (block) services and scalable files services. The EVA and file services solution supports both CIFS (windows) and NFS file serving. The components can be factory integrated into the HP EVA6400/8400 arrays.
Multi-Server Shared Support for Storage Consolidation
Heterogeneous and homogeneous host support provides the ability to share storage between multiple servers. The EVA provides storage access control (i.e. Selective Storage Presentation or LUN masking) assuring that a host cannot access data belonging to a different host. SAN-based zoning is also supported.
Enclosure Capacity
The EVA provides a high density disk storage solution. The EVA6400 and EVA8400 in the 42U HP 10000 G2 Series Rack supports up to 18 2U 12-bay M6412-A FC disk enclosures for a maximum capacity of 216 disk drives and a maximum storage capacity of 216TB in a single rack. For the EVA8400 an expansion cabinet allows users to expand with another 9 enclosures for a total of up to 27 disk enclosures, providing support for up to 324 disks, and up to 324TB.
Solid State Disk Support
The EVA supports 72GB dual ported solid state fibre channel disk drives. The EVA arrays will support mixed drive types (solid state disks, high performance and FATA) within an enclosure, The solid state disk requires its own disk group. The minimum number of SSDs supported is 6 and the maximum is 8 per array.
NOTE: SSDs support only Vraid 5 and some Business Copy features (Snapshots and MirrorClone) for local replication.
EVA as Virtualized Storage behind the XP
HP StorageWorks EVA6400/8400 disk arrays can be connected as external storage devices behind HP StorageWorks XP disk arrays.
A storage management server can manage up to 16 EVA controller pairs (EVA4400/6400/8400, EVA4100/6100/8100s), EVA4000/6000/8000 and EVA3000/5000s in any one fabric. An EVA controller pair will support up to 256 host connections (up to 1024 HBAs).
The EVA6400 will scale up to 216 disks in a single rack (216TB using 1TB FATA disk drives, and 97TB using 450GB high performance disk drives).
The EVA8400 will scale up to 216 disks in a single rack and with the addition of an expansion rack, up to 324 disks (324TB using 1TB FATA disk drives, and 146TB using 450GB high performance disk drives).
Fibre Channel host connections provide up to 400MB/s bandwidth for each path. Dual mirrored port write caching capability, with battery backed cache, maintains optimal availability while assuring data integrity in the event of a failure.
Each HSV400 controller (for EVA6400 configurations) and HSV450 controller (for EVA8400 configurations) has four Fibre Channel host ports (eight ports in a redundant pair of controllers) assuring the availability of bandwidth for the most demanding applications. In addition, up to 4 GB (for EVA6400) and 22GB (for EVA8400) of cache per controller pair ensures high performance.
HP EVA6400/8400 models are 4Gb/s FC Switched Fabric "enabled" and can operate on 8 Gb/s, 4Gb/s or 2Gb/s FC Switched Fabric SANs. They can co-exist in the same FC SAN with previous generations of EVA, FC storage solutions and many other SAN devices.


Software features

Remote Replication Solutions
HP StorageWorks Continuous Access provides disaster tolerant replication across a Fibre Channel SAN. Continuous Access EVA performs real-time replication between HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays of the current and earlier generations. Continuous Access EVA provides the highest level of FC SAN data protection to customers, in order to meet disaster tolerant business continuity implementation goals.
Disaster Tolerant Solutions
HP Metrocluster with Continuous Access EVA and Continentalclusters are integrated solutions that offer minimal downtime by rapid site recovery with automatic failover of application services (via Serviceguard) and automatic data consistency checking and read/write enabling of remotely mirrored storage in the event of a fault, failure, or disaster recovery.
NOTE: Metrocluster and Continentalclusters will be available following the introduction of the EVA6400/8400.

Click here for more information and availability .

Local Replication Solutions
The HP StorageWorks Business Copy is a local replication application for the EVA family. This product is indispensable for critical data center operations such as non-disruptive backups, frequent snapshots of high value databases, and data mining.
Capacity Management
HP StorageWorks EVA Dynamic Capacity Management Software is a comprehensive software solution that automates storage provisioning and improves capacity utilization on the EVA family. Designed for the enterprise market, EVA Dynamic Capacity Management Software uses advanced automation to automatically "right-size" the file system and storage volumes to ensure the highest levels of capacity utilization are achieved while reducing ongoing storage administration needs.
Application Integration with Oracle
HP Replication Solutions Manager will provide a graphical interface to view the components of the database to be replicated, and allow selection of a specified database. The replication manager will automatically suspend the Oracle application, and take a point in time copy (local or remote) of all associated array virtual disks. The replication manager will provide the option to restart the original Oracle database after the replicas have been initiated on the array.
Application Solutions
The EVA is the ideal solution for customers running Oracle, Microsoft, SAP environments and those customers who are deploying virtual server technologies like VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and Oracle Virtual Machine. HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVA) delivers virtual storage for the midsize customer with enhanced performance, better capacity utilization, and easier management of on-demand storage activities.
HP StorageWorks 12000 Virtual Library System EVA Gateway
The HP StorageWorks 12000 Virtual Library System EVA Gateway accelerates backup performance in complex SAN environments while improving overall reliability. Integrating seamlessly into existing backup applications and processes by emulating popular tape libraries and tape drive formats, the HP VLS12000 EVA Gateway matches the existing data protection environment, removing the need to change backup software or monitoring policies.
EVA with HP Systems Insight Manager Software
HP SIM is the foundation for HP's unified server-storage strategy - it is packaged as value add software with EVA, it's a management application and is derived from the heritage of Compaq Insight Manager, HP Toptools, and HP Servicecontrol.
Operating System support
  • HP-UX

  • HP OpenVMS

  • Windows Server 2003

  • Windows Server 2008

  • Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

  • Sun Solaris

  • Linux

    • Red Hat

    • SUSE/SLES (including Open Enterprise Server)

    • Oracle Enterprise Linux


  • VMware

  • Apple Mac OSX

  • Xen

    • Citrix Xen

    • RHEL Virtualization

    • Oracle Virtual Machine


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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