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HP Smart Array 6400 Controllers - Overview

Product description

The Smart Array 6400 high performance Ultra320, PCI-X controller family provides maximum performance, flexibility, and reliable data protection for HP ProLiant servers, through its unique modular design and support for Advanced Data Guarding (RAID ADG). This new generation performance Smart Array controller again raises the standards of performance, introducing Double Data Rate (DDR) battery-backed write cache architecture and a new RAID engine.


Product Features

Electrical Interface
LVD (Low Voltage Differential)
Protocol Support
Ultra320 SCSI (320 MB/s per channel)
SCSI Ports
2 channel model: 2 external/2 internal shared
4 channel model: 4 external/2 internal shared
Drives Supported
2 channel model: up to 28 drives
4 channel model: up to 56 drives
Maximum Capacity
2 channel model: 8.40TB (28 drives x 300GB)
4 channel model: 16.80TB (56 drives x 300GB)
PCI-X and 3.3 volt PCI compatibility only
NOTE: The SA-6400 is not supported in 5 volt PCI slots.
PCI Bus Speed
64-bit/133-MHz PCI-X (1 GB/s maximum bandwidth)
Logical Drives
Up to 32 logical drives
Up to 2 TB per Logical Drive
RAID Support
RAID ADG (Advanced Data Guarding)
RAID 5 (Distributed Data Guarding)
RAID 1+0 (Striping & Mirroring)
RAID 0 (Striping)
Cache Memory
128-, 256-, 512-MB Read/Write
ECC protection, battery-backed, and removable
Cache Batteries
Up to 4 days of redundant battery life, removable for easy replacement (3days with 256-MB Module, 1 day with 512-MB Module)
Upgradeable Firmware
2-MB flashable ROM
Disk Drive and Enclosure Protocol Support
Ultra320, Wide Ultra 3, Wide Ultra 2
Memory Addressing
64-bit, supporting servers memory greater than 4 GB


Software Overview

Operating Systems Compatibility
Microsoft® Windows® NT® 4.0, 2000
NOTE: NT 4.0 support for U320 Expansion Module for the SA-6402 will not be available at launch
Windows Server 2003
Novell NetWare 5.x, 6
SCO UnixWare® 7.1.1, 7.1.3
SCO Unix® 5.0.6a, 5.0.7
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server NOTE:
NOTE: For more Linux OS support & certification information, please visit our the ProLiant & BladeSystem Server Linux matrix:

Configuration/ Diagnostic Utilities
HP Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
  • Powerful Web based configuration utility for all Smart Array controllers

  • Easy to use Wizards for configuration

  • Provides a graphical view of HP drive array configurations

  • Allows for management of multiple arrays over a secure internet connection from anywhere in the world

  • Runs online on Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Linux

Options ROM Configuration for Arrays
  • Rapid configuration upon initial install of the OS

Software Suite
All Smart Array products share a common set of configuration, management and diagnostic tools, including Array Configuration Utility (ACU), Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU), and Insight Manager. This software consistency of tools reduces the cost of training for each successive generation of product and takes much of the guesswork out of troubleshooting field problems. These tools lower the total cost of ownership by reducing training and technical expertise necessary to install and maintain the HP server storage.
Systems Insight
  • Powerful server and server options/storage manager tool

  • Monitors over 1200 server parameters


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