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HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920 (SAS) Tape Drive - Verifying Installation of an Ultrium Tape Drive

Verifying installation of a Ultrium (SAS) tape drive

Once the drive hardware is installed, check that drivers have been installed correctly. Ensure to have the correct version of backup software, and verify that the tape drive is functioning properly before storing valuable data.

To verify the installation, perform the following steps:

  1. Switch on the drive and the server.

  2. The tape drive will run its hardware self-test, which takes about 5 seconds. If self-test passes, the green Ready LED flashes and then shows steady green. If the test fails, the Drive Error and Tape Error LEDs flash, while the Ready and Clean LEDs are off. This continues until the drive is reset.

    • Installing drivers before connecting the tape drive (Windows only)

      The tape drive should be detected automatically and the correct drivers used. If the Windows Found New Hardware wizard runs, cancel it - use Device Manager to check that the driver is installed.

    • Installing drivers after connecting the tape drive (Windows only)

      If the drivers have not already been installed, the Windows Found New Hardware wizard will run when the server and tape drive are powered On. Either follow the on-screen instructions to search for the required driver on the HP StorageWorks CD-ROM or cancel the wizard and run the install package from the CD-ROM.

    • Installing drivers (other operating systems)

      Drivers are included with the operating system and should be loaded automatically.

  3. For all operating systems ensure that to have downloaded any upgrades necessary for the backup application. Check for software compatibility and install any recommended upgrades.

  4. Verify that the tape drive installation was successful. Carry out a backup and restore test to check that the drive can write data to tape. Use a blank cartridge.

    Windows Backup or Unix native backup applications can be used to check basic tape drive operation, but they will not support all the advanced features of the tape drive. An upgrade is recommended for the software application before running this test.


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