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MPE/iX Operating System - Memory and I/O Paths Configuration Guidelines for A-Class

MPE/iX Memory and I/O PathsConfiguration Guidelines for A-Class

7/11/03 6:22:00 AM


MPE/iX Memory and I/O Paths Configuration Guidelines for A-Class


HP e3000 A-Class servers MPEiX 7.0


This document is intended to help you understand the new A-Class servers
memory structure and IO paths convention.


1) Limit

Maximum Memory size: 2 GB on MPE/iX 7.0 Base Release.
Maximum Memory size: 8 GB with MPE/iX 7.0 Express Release 1 (A400 stays at 2GB)

2) Configuration rules

A400/A500 servers have 8 slots (4 DIMM pairs) on the system board for memory
DIMMs. These slots are numbered 1 through 8. 4 slots (5 - 8) are disabled on
A400 servers. A500 servers can access all slots. The following rules govern
the installation of memory DIMMs:

  • Memory must be installed in DIMM pairs.
  • The capacity of DIMMs within a pair must be the same.
  • Install DIMMs with the greatest capacity in the lowest slotnumbers.
  • Install DIMMs in numerical order starting with slot 1 (1, 2, 3,etc.).

I/O Paths

1) Introduction

A-Class servers have a total of 4 PCI I/O slots. A400 servers have access to
slots 1 and 2 only. A500 servers have access to all four slots. Slot 1 is
short slot, located outside the I/O card cage, connected to the back of the I/O
Backplane. Slots 2 through 4 are located inside the I/O card cage. See
diagram below.

A-Class I/O Slots Back View
| | Slot 1 path=0/2/0 | Slot 2 path=0/4/0 |
| | Slot 3 path=0/6/2 |
| Core I/O Card | Slot 4 path=0/6/0 |

All I/O slots support 66MHz, 64-bit PCI bus.
Slots 1 and 2 are Twin Turbo slots. Each Twin Turbo slot has a dedicated PCI
bus with 500Mbytes/sec banwidth.
Slots 3 and 4 are Turbo slots. They share a single PCI bus with 500Mbytes/sec

If higher speed PCI cards are installed in slots 3 or 4, they will function but
their performance will be reduced. Similarly, slower speed PCI cards can be
installed in slots 1 or 2, but their performance will not be improved.

2) I/O path convention


b : IO Bus Controller – always be 0 (zero).
e : PCI Elroy Mgr – slot address number.
d : PCI Device Mgr – always be 0 (zero) except if Core I/O card and slot 3.
s : PCI SCSI Mgr – always be 0 (zero) except if Internal SCSI discs.
p : Pseudo
D : Device

3) Core I/O

A-Class Core I/O Back View
| |
| |------| |---------| |-| |-| |---| |---| |-----| |
| |Ultra2| |Narrow SE| |G| |T| |LAN| |LAC| |C-UPS| |
| |------| |---------| |-| |-| |---| |---| |-----| |
| |

Ultra2 Ultra2 Wide SCSI Port Path=0/0/1/0
Narrow SE Narrow Single Ended SCSI Path=0/0/2/0
G GSP Reset Button
T TOC Button
LAN 10/100BT RJ45 Port Path=0/0/0/0
LAC 10BT LAN Console RJ45 port
C-UPS PCI Console/UPS Port Path=0/0/4/0
PCI Console Path=0/0/4/0.0 Path=0/0/4/1.0 **
PCI Remote Console Path=0/0/4/0.1 Path=0/0/4/1.1 **
PCI UPS Path=0/0/4/0.2 Path=0/0/4/1.2 **

** Be aware that the new Core I/O card introduced with the PA8700 chipset A-
Class servers has different I/O paths for the console, remote console and UPS

Notes :

  • The A-Class Core I/O card contains embedded versions of boththe A5159A (Dual Port) and A5150A (Dual Port). The system uses oneport from each card to support a single internal disk and presentsthe other SCSI bus to allow the connection of external SCSIperipherals.
  • The two internal discs paths are 0/0/1/1.6.0 and0/0/2/1.6.0.

4) PCI I/O cards


The Fibre Channel Device Adapter Card supported on MPE/iX 7.5 for N-Class is:

A6795A - PCI 4X 2Gbps Single Port Fibre Channel Channel Adapter


Each of these cards can be plugged into one of the system PCI Buses and will
present one (single port) SCSI Bus port to the outside world.

A6828A - Single Port Ultra160 SCSI (PCI bus) Adapter Card. *** NEW ***
A5149A - Single Port, Single-Ended or LVD Ultra2 SCSI Adapter card.
A4800A - Single Port, Fast/Wide/Differential SCSI 2 HVD PCI Adapter card.

The A6828A is being offered as "plug compatible" replacement cards for the
previously available A5149A (Ultra2 LVD HBAs) which has reached End Of Sales.
See Document ID CSYB0017680004 for additional informations on support,
configuration and operation.

Dual Port Cards (A6829A, A5150A, A5159A) are not supported on A-Class systems.

For more details on PCI cards, Refer to the Communicator e3000 MPE/iX Release
7.0, Chapter 4, PCI-SCSI Device Adapter Cards and the Communicator e3000 MPE/iX
Release 7.5, Chapter 4, Fibre Channel Device and Adapter Support.


A-Class I/O path memory configuration guidelines AClass A400A500 FWSCSI PCI A4800A A5149A A6828A

Original KMine RCEN MPEKBRC00006621

Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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