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HP Smart Array 641/642 Controller - Overview

Product Overview

Smart Array 641/642 Array Controller
The Hewlett Packard Smart Array 641 or 642 is a low cost U320 PCI-X 3.3v array controller with dual channel (642) or single channel (641) capability. (642 model shown)
Electrical Interface
LVD (Low Voltage Differential)
Protocol Support
U320 - Backward compatible with Ultra 2 and Ultra 3 Drives
SCSI Ports
  • 641: 1 internal
  • 642: 1 internal, one external VHDCI
Drives Supported
  • 641: Up to 6 internal
  • 642: Up to 6 internal, up to 14 external (20 total)
Maximum Capacity
1.5 TB (20 drives x 72.8 GB)
PCI-X and 3.3 volt PCI compatibility1
PCI Bus Speed
64-bit, 133-MHz PCI-X (1 GB/s maximum bandwidth)
Logical Drives
Up to 32 logical drives
RAID Support
  • RAID 5 (Distributed Data Guarding)
  • RAID 1+0 (Striping & Mirroring)
  • RAID 1 (Mirroring)
  • RAID 0 (Striping)
Cache Memory
64 MB DDR Memory Cache (64-MB module upgrade to 128MB Battery Backed cache is available)
Cache Batteries
Up to 3 days of redundant battery life (72 hrs. for the BBWC module) removable for easy replacement
Disk Drive and Enclosure Protocol Support
\u320, Ultra3, Ultra2
Memory Addressing
64-bit, supporting servers memory greater than 4 GB
Supported Servers
ML310, ML330/G2, ML350/G3, ML370/G3, ML570/G2, ML530/G2, DL320/G2, DL380/G3, DL360/G3, and DL580/G2.
Note 1: The SA-641/642 is not supported in 5 volt PCI slots


Product Description

The Smart Array 641/642 controllers raise the standard to higher performance levels with several enhancements including enhanced memory architecture and RAID engine. Designed and tested with industry-standard ProLiant Servers for greater reliability, this controller is ideal for the distributed workgroup server or centralized departmental server, and like other Smart Array controllers, the SA-641 and SA-642 offers complete data compatibility with previous generations’ Smart Array controllers for easy data migration and upgradability.


Product Feature

  • Modular, easy-to-upgrade design lets you optimize performance as needed, from 64-MB to 128-MB battery-backed cache.

  • Ultra320 SCSI technology delivers high performance and data bandwidth up to 320 MB/s bandwidth per channel.

  • Dual Channels (SA-642 only) provide the ability to support up to 20 drives or 1.5 TB.

  • Mix-and-match LVD SCSI compatibility protects your investments and lets you deploy drives as needed.

  • Battery-backed Cache protects cached data in the event of a power outage, server failure or controller failure, and redundant, replaceable batteries take that protection even further.

  • 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X interface boosts bandwidth above 1GB/s burst transfer rate over PCI-X bus.

  • 64-bit memory addressing supports servers with greater than 4 GB of memory.

  • Online Management Features: Online Capacity Expansion, Online RAID Level Migration, Online Stripe Size Migration, Online Spares (Global), User Selectable Read/Write cache, User Selectable Expand and Rebuild Priority

  • Hot Plug Tape Support (AIT100/200, 50/100, 35/70; DAT 20/40)

  • Supports On-line spares including multiple On-line Spares

  • Support for Drive Roaming and Drive Migration

  • User selectable stripe size and Stripe size migration (online)

  • RAID Level Migration

  • Array capacity expansion (online)

  • Logical drive capacity extension (online)

  • Multiple logical drives per array

  • S.M.A.R.T. support (Drive Pre-Failure Warranty)

  • ARM (Auto-Reliability Monitoring)

  • Dynamic Sector Repair

  • Background Parity Initialization


Link to Warranty Information

Click here for additional information regarding worldwide limited warranty and technical support .

This site provides information on 24/7 service and support for in- and out-of-warranty products.


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