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HP ProLiant DL380 G3 Server - Overview

Product description

The HP ProLiant DL380 G3 server combines the latest Intel Xeon processors with Hyper-Threading technology, PCI-X expansion slots, PCI Hot Plug, Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), Online Spare Memory support, embedded Smart Array 5i Plus Controller with optional transportable battery-backed write cache, simplex/duplex SCSI backplane, dual integrated Gigabit NICs, optional hot-plug redundant power and cooling, and rapid deploy rails for HP, Compaq branded, telco, and third-party racks.


Product features

Processor (One of the following depending on Model)
  • Intel Xeon Processor 3.2 GHz/533 MHz - 512KB/2MB
  • Intel Xeon Processor 3.2 GHz/533 MHz - 512KB/1MB
  • Intel Xeon Processor 3.06 GHz/533 MHz - 512KB/1MB
  • Intel Xeon Processor 2.8 GHz/533 MHz - 512KB/1MB
  • Intel Xeon Processor 3.06 GHz/533 MHz - 512KB
  • Intel Xeon Processor 2.8 GHz/400 MHz - 512KB
  • Intel Xeon Processor 2.4 GHz/400 MHz - 512KB
Cache memory (One of the following depending on Model)
  • 2-MB Level 3 cache1
  • 1-MB Level 3 cache2
  • 512-KB Level 2 cache3
Upgradable to dual processing
ServerWorks GC - LE Chipset
1GB of 2-way interleaved PC2100 DDR SDRAM running at up to 266 MHz with Advanced ECC and Online Spare capabilities
12GB (6GB max on 400 MHz Front Side Bus Models)
Network controller
Two NC7781 PCI-X Gigabit NICs (embedded)
Expansion slots5
Slot Number
Bus Speed
Bus Number
Hot Plug
PCI Voltage
64-bit/133 MHz PCIX
3.3 Volt
Supported RILOE II slot
64-bit/100 MHz PCIX
3.3 Volt
64-bit/100 MHz PCIX
3.3 Volt
Storage controller
Smart Array 5i Plus Controller (integrated on system board)
Diskette Drive
1.44 MB Diskette Drive
Optical Drive
24x IDE CD-ROM (Universal Media Bay)
Hard Drives
Maximum Internal Storage
1.80TB (6 x 300GB Ultra320 1)
Pointing Device (Mouse)
External SCSI (VHDCI)
Network RJ-45
3 (1 for iLO)
Integrated ATI Rage XL Video Controller with 8MB SDRAM Video Memory
Form factor
Rack (2U), (3.5-inch)
Industry standard compliance
  • ACPI 1.0b Compliant
  • PCI 2.2 Compliant
  • WOL Support
  • Microsoft Logo certifications
  • USB 1.1
  • Insight Manager 7
  • HP Systems Insight Manager
  • Redundant ROM
  • Remote Flash ROM
  • Management Agent
  • Automatic Server Recovery (ASR)
  • Integrated Management Log
  • Drive Parameter Tracking (with Smart Array Controllers)
  • Dynamic Sector Repairing (with Smart Array Controllers)
  • Hot Spare Boot
Remote manageability
  • Integrated Lights Out (iLO)
  • Integrated Lights Out Advanced Pack (optional)
  • Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition ll (optional)
  • Power-on password
  • Keyboard password
  • Diskette drive control
  • Diskette boot control
  • QuickLock, Network Server Mode
  • Serial interface control
  • Administrator's password
  • Disk configuration lock
Server power cords
One Lowline NEMA power cord and One Highline IEC Power cord ships standard
Power supply
400 Watt, CE Mark Compliant
Optional Hot Plug AC Redundant Power Supply and DC Redundant Power Supply
System fans
5 fans ship standard. 8 total supported internally for full redundancy9
Rack kit
Tool-free support for racks with square mounting holes (including Compaq/HP 7000, 9000, 10000 and H9 series), with an adjustment range of 24" - 36".
Telco Rack support
DL380 G3 Telco Rack Kit: Support for all 2-post Telco racks requires the use of the standard rack kit and an additional option kit from Rack Solutions ( Non-HPE site ).
HP Factory Express capabilities
HP Factory Express gives user the flexibility to choose from a full menu of factory capabilities all in one manufacturing facility, in one process, with one touch giving user a full control and access to HP's World class manufacturing facility anytime. This approach provides user the speed to deploy user's IT needs, with total quality assurance, reliability, and predictability to lower user's total cost of ownership by letting HP install, rack, and customize user's software and hardware options for user.
  1. Included with some 3.2 GHz models.

  2. Included with some 2.8 GHz, 3.2 GHz or 3.06 GHz models.

  3. Included with all models.

  4. Click here for memory ordering information

  5. For more information regarding PCI-X, please see the following technology brief: Click here to access the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus implementation in HP ProLiant servers .

    All slots can accept universal keyed PCI cards.

  6. Click here for hard drive ordering information .

    The system can be operated in single channel (using either the embedded Smart Array 5i Plus controller or a PCI-based controller) or dual channel (with the first 2 drives on 1 channel, driven by the Smart Array 5i Plus controller and 4 drives driven by either the Smart Array 5i Plus or a PCI-based controller).

  7. Please see the following URL for additional information regarding USB support: Click here to access HPE ProLiant Servers - USB Support Matrix .

  8. Upon the event of a failed processor or VRM in a multi-processing environment, the system will automatically reboot and use the remaining good processor(s). Pre-Failure Warranty (covers processors, hard drives and memory.

  9. The additional 3 fans are available via Redundant Fan Option Kit (PN 293048-B21).


Software overview

ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack Software
HP Systems Insight Manager
HP's new HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) helps maximize system uptime and performance and reduce system maintenance costs by providing proactive notification of problems before those problems result in unplanned downtime or reduced productivity. HP SIM are both easy to set up work with the Insight Management Agents, integrated Light-Out and Remote Insight Light-Outs Edition, and Version Control Agents to deliver robust fault, configuration, and asset management as well as remote administration. With HP SIM customers will also be able to take advantage of role-based security; the ability to manage ProLiant, Integrity, and HP 9000 systems; and plug-ins for storage, client, printer, and power management as well as server rapid deployment, performance management, and workload management. For more details on HPE SIM visit HPE SIM website. Click here to access HPE SIM website .
SmartStart is a tool that simplifies server setup, providing a rapid way to deploy reliable and consistent server configurations.
SmartStart version supported (minimum): SmartStart 6.0
Management agents
The Management Agents form the foundation for HP's Intelligent Manageabilitystrategy. They provide direct, browser-based access to in-depth instrumentation built into HP servers, workstations, desktops, and portables, and send alerts to Insight Manager 7 and other enterprise management applications in case of subsystem or environmental failures. For additional information about the Management Agents and other management products from, HP please visit the management Website. Click here to access Server Management website .
Subscribers choice
Subscriber's Choice Driver and Support Alerts/Notifications is a web-based emailsubscription service that provides automatic delivery of software and driver change notifications for ProLiant products. Sign up at Get connected with updates from HPE website Click here to access Get connected with updates from HPE website and customize user's profile to receive various new alerts as the become available, on a weekly or monthly basis.
ROMPaq, support software, and configuration utilities
The latest software, drivers, and firmware fully optimized and tested for user's ProLiant server and options available in SmartStart or downloadable from Software and Drivers download page.
Survey utility and diagnostics utilities
The most advanced configuration analysis, reporting and troubleshooting utilities used by HP and at user's fingertips, available in SmartStart.
Optional ProLiant Essentials Value Packs
Optional software offerings that selectively extend the functionality of an Adaptive Infrastructure to address specific business problems and needs:
  • Rapid Deployment Pack – an automated solution for multi-server deployment and provisioning, enabling companies to quickly and easily adapt to changing business demands.
  • Workload Management Pack – provides easier management of complex environments, improving overall server utilization and enabling Windows 2000customers for the first time to confidently deploy multiple applications on a single multiprocessor ProLiant Server.
  • Integrated Lights-Out Advanced Pack – upgrades the Integrated Lights-Out processor to full virtual presence and control with graphical console and virtual media.
  • Recovery Server Option Pack – entry-level high availability software that will provide reliable protection and increased uptime against server hardware and operating system failures.
  • Performance Management Pack – a performance management solution that identifies and explains hardware performance bottlenecks on ProLiant servers and attached options enabling users to better utilize their valuable resources.
  • Intelligent Networking Pack - detects and analyzes network bottlenecks or broken network linkages and steers traffic to the optimum route based on network conditions.
Operating Systems Supported
OS support
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Novell NetWare
  • Caldera OpenUNIX 8
  • LINUX (Red Hat, SuSE)
NOTE: For a more complete and up-to-date listing of supported OSs and versions. Click here to access Server Operating Systems and Virtualization Software webpage .


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