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VAXstation 3100 Model 30 - Overview

Product Description

VAXstation 3100 Model 40
VAXstation 3100 Model 30
The VAXstation 3100 Model 30 and 40 offer equal computing power, memory expansion, and display capabilities, but differ in the amount of internal storage capacity.


Product Features

Internal storage
Three 3.5 inches half-height devices and one 1.44 MB floppy or one 3.5 inches half-height device, one 5.25 inches device and one TZ30 tape
Three 3.5 inches half-height devices and two 5.25 inches devices
External storage
One external SCSI port
KA42-A CMOS central processing unit
8 MB minimum expandable to 32 MB maximum
Single plane 1024 x 864 pixel video resolution, with 8 plane graphics coprocessor available as an option.
VR290, VR260, VR160, VR150
Operating systems
Both VMS and UNIX 32-bit
120 V/240 V - Single phase - 50 Hz/60 Hz
10-40° degree Celsius (50-104° degree Fahrenheit)
20 - 80% non-conducting
Max. running current
2.8 A at 120V and 1.5 A at 240V
4.5 A at 120V and 2.3 A at 240V
Max. power consumption
190 Watts
300 Watts


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